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Total Prior to 2005

06/30/05An Iraqi contractor was killed by unknown gunmen in the province of Kirkuk. Also Thursday a man was killed and his wife injured when their car came under fire from U.S. troops on a road south of Kirkuk. 202
06/30/05In fresh violence two Iraqis were killed and five wounded in an attack on a police chief in Baquba and two Kurdish female employees of the party of President Jalal Talabani were killed in Mosul. 404
06/30/05Police said the body of a soldier who disappeared two days ago in the Howeija area, 60 kilometers (37 miles) southwest of Kirkuk, was found by policemen011
06/30/05Yasser Salihee, an Iraqi special correspondent for Knight Ridder, the parent company of the Free Press, was shot and killed in western Baghdad on Friday as his car neared U.S. and Iraqi troops who had stopped to search a building for snipers101
06/29/05Four civilian Iraqis, including a child, were killed and another 21 were wounded when militants launched a mortar shell at a residential area in the northern Iraqi city of Telafar during the early hours of Wednesday.404
06/29/05Gunmen stormed the former insurgent bastion of Samarra in northern Iraq yesterday(29-Jun-2005), killing at least two elite police commandos and injuring as many as six. 022
06/29/05In Samarra, north of Baghdad, three police commandos died and six were wounded in midday clashes with heavily armed insurgents, police Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed al-Nissani said033
06/28/05A member of Iraq's parliament [Dhari Ali al-Fayadh], three of his bodyguards and his son were killed by a suicide car bomb attack on their convoy in the northern outskirts of Baghdad on Tuesday, police sources said. 505
06/28/05A policeman died and 17 people were wounded when a suicide bomber walked into a hospital in Musayyib, south of Baghdad and blew himself up, police and medics said.011
06/28/05A suicide bomber dressed in a police uniform blew himself up in a hospital in the town of Musayyib, 75 km (40 miles) south of Baghdad on Tuesday, killing three people and wounding 13, police said.303
06/28/05Five people were killed and at least nine others were injured today in one of three car bomb explosions in a Baqouba. They were killed when a car bomb exploded just 15 yards from the headquarters of a police station. 505
06/28/05In the disputed oil city of Kirkuk...one civilian died and three bodyguards were wounded when a car bomb targeted traffic police chief Tallar Abdullah, a brigadier general, said police Captain Farhad Abdullah, who is not related.202
06/28/05Near Musayyib, 40 miles south of Baghdad, a bomber wearing explosives blew himself up at a checkpoint, killing one policeman and wounding 17, police said. 011
06/28/05One policeman was killed and two injured in an attack by around 70 gunmen on the headquarters of security forces on the outskirts of Samarra, Major Latif Shaab said. Three police cars were destroyed.011
06/28/05Separately, U.S. soldiers killed an Iraqi news executive when he did not pull over as an American convoy passed on a road in Baghdad, said Dr. Muhanad Jawad of Yarmouk Hospital. Ahmed Wael Bakri worked as a director at al-Sharqiya TV.101
06/28/05Three Iraqi employees in the North Oil Co. were killed when an explosive charge went off near their car on the road linking Kirkuk to Hawijah, police said.303
06/28/05Three police commandos were killed and five injured in Samarra, north of Baghdad, when a homemade bomb blast slammed into their patrol, according to army Captain Hassan al Juburi.033
06/28/05Two bodyguards are killed and six people wounded in a remote-control car bomb attack targeting the head of the traffic police in the northern oil city of Kirkuk. Police Colonel Salar Mohammed survived the assassination attempt ...202
06/28/05Two soldiers died and one was wounded when attackers fired rocket propelled grenades at them south of Samarra, Major Jumah Mohammed said.022
06/27/05A roadside explosion has claimed the lives of two Iraqi civilians in Baghdad, hours after of a US military helicopter crashed north of the capital and nationals were shot202
06/27/05Aljazeera learned of more civilian fatalities in the capital, reporting that an Iraqi contractor working with the US Army was killed by unknown assailants in the Dora area south of Baghdad.101
06/27/05Gunmen opened fire on the shop late Sunday, killing the barber, a police officer and a nine-year-old boy in the bustling district of Al-Jadidah where Sunni Arabs, Iraqi Shiites and Christians live together, an interior ministry source said. 213
06/27/05Iraq Iraqi police and government officials say at least four people are dead and another 16 wounded in a car bombing in eastern Baghdad.404
06/27/05the disfigured bodies of nine Shiite sheep dealers were brought home to their native Karbala province on Saturday and the bodies of five truck drivers were found in a restive area south of the capital.909
06/26/05A female journalist working for Iraqiyah TV was shot to death in Baghdad.101
06/26/05Gunmen killed the owner of a pharmacy in western Iraq, hospital officials said101
06/26/05In further violence against Iraqi security forces, six members of a commando unit and Colonel Riad Abdel Karim, a deputy police chief in the capital, were gunned down in separate incidents in Baghdad, an interior ministry source said.066
06/26/05In the other attack, gunmen killed a police colonel at his apartment in eastern Baghdad.011
06/26/05Less than two hours later, a suicide bomber blew himself up in a parking lot outside an Iraqi army base, killing 16 and wounding seven more, Walter said. Almost all the victims were civilian workers arriving at the site, he said. 16016
06/26/05Meantime police in Baghdad say four people have been killed two strikes in the capital. They say they include a mortar explosion that killed a woman and her two children. Another child was also wounded in the strike.404
06/26/05On Sunday, Deputy Police Chief, Col. Riyadh Abdulkrim, was assassinated as gunmen opened fire on Abdulkrim's vehicle, as he was driving to work in Baghdad. 011
06/26/05Residents and officials at Tal Afar said three bomb attacks were followed by a battle involving U.S. tanks and helicopters that lasted about three hours. Hospital officials said at least two civilians were killed. 202
06/26/05The first attack occurred at a police headquarters in Mosul, killing 13 policemen and two civilians and wounding six more, said U.S. Army Capt. Mark Walter, a spokesman in Mosul. Earlier reports put the death toll at six.21315
06/25/05a civilian was killed and four wounded in clashes between US and Iraqi forces and insurgents in Tal Afar in northwestern Iraq after a roadside bomb attack against a US military convoy, said Captain Chaker Mohammed of the local police.101
06/25/05A suicide bomber trailed by five cars loaded with armed insurgents slammed into a wall outside the home of an Iraqi special forces police officer Saturday in the Sunni triangle city of Samarra, killing at least nine people on the street, officials said.909
06/25/05An Iraqi Kurdish contractor (Asu Ahmed) was shot dead and another (Khalil Mohammed ) wounded in a drive-by shooting south of the northern city of Kirkuk, a police officer said202
06/25/05And five Iraqi Shiites buying poultry from farms south of Baghdad for resale in the capital were found dead near a river in the Triangle of Death area, a relative of two of them said.505
06/25/05Around 20 insurgents attacked the police station on a highway outside Ramadi... Brigadier General Shakir Mohammed Salih, the chief of police in Anbar, said. "Eight policemen were killed and one was wounded," he said.088
06/25/05In a separate incident on Saturday, armed men killed three policemen on a road about 75 km south of Amarah, police 1st Lt. Hussein Karim Hassan said. 033
06/25/05In Mosul itself, a suicide car bomb attack on the motorcade of the provincial police chief killed at least four policemen, police and U.S. military officials said. The senior officer was not traveling in the convoy at the time.044
06/25/05On Saturday, gunmen killed two policemen patrolling western Baghdad and wounded three others, police 1st Lt. Thaer Mahmoud said. The victims belonged to a commando unit, he said.022
06/24/05A Kurdish contractor working for the American military was killed by gunmen in northern Kirkuk. 101
06/24/05A woman died when assailants sent mortar shells into Mosul's police academy. Police in the Alexandria province discovered in a village the murdered bodies of four men who had previously been kidnapped by armed gunmen in a car. 505
06/24/05An Iraqi reporter working for an American news organization was shot and killed in Baghdad by U.S. troops after he apparently did not respond to a shouted signal from a military convoy, witnesses said. The military had no comment. 101
06/24/05Gunmen killed police Lt. Col. Majid Faisl Aziz, a member of the Interior Ministry’s major crimes division, when he was driving his car near western Baghdad. Iraqi troops clashed with gunmen in western Baghdad and at least one soldier was abducted 011
06/24/05In another incident Friday, masked gunmen assassinated Hassan Abdel Hadi, the head of a religious Shiite association in the city of Khaless, 50 kilometers (31 miles) north of Baghdad.101
06/24/05In Baghdad, three police officers were killed in separate incidents, two in the Amiriyah district and another in southern Dora, police and hospital officials said.033
06/24/05Three Iraqis were killed and nine others injured when a booby-trapped tractor exploded near a convoy of Iraqi troops north of Baghdad Friday. Police said two soldiers were among the dead 123
06/24/05Two brothers and their niece were shot south of Baghdad in the town of Iskandariyah when two gunmen wearing Iraqi army uniforms broke into their house, police said. 303
06/23/05At least 15 [3 police reported separately] people were killed in a trio of car bombings in Baghdad, a day after five car bombs hit the capital, ending a relative lull that followed the launch of a major offensive against insurgents. 12012
06/23/05Police said a suicide car bomber killed three policemen and wounded two when he drove at their patrol at around 7am (0300 GMT). Two other cars exploded in the same area, each several minutes apart, one close to a Shia mosque.033
06/23/05Two Iraqis were killed and 10 others injured in a car bomb explosion, south Kirkuk on Thursday, Iraqi police reported...the car exploded early today in front of a gas station killing two Iraqis, one of them was a police officer112
06/22/05A bomb attack on a U.S. armoured patrol killed three Iraqi civilians and wounded seven on Wednesday in the northern city of Mosul, witnesses, police and hospital officials said. 303
06/22/05A roadside bomb struck an Iraqi police patrol that included a special operations unit, killing two policeman in Madain. A group of children on bicycles ran over a bomb. east of Baqouba, killing a 9-year-old boy and injuring two others aged 6 and 7123
06/22/05a roadside explosion meant for a U.S. military convoy killed an Iraqi civilian and wounded three others west of Ramadi, Dr. Abdullah al-Dulaimi said.101
06/22/05About 15 minutes later, a suicide car bomber struck an Iraqi army patrol in a nearby suburb, killing at least four bystanders, police said. 404
06/22/05Gunmen killed a judge Wednesday in Baghdad whose name previously was on a list of Sunni Arabs joining a parliamentary committee drafting Iraq’s new constitution...Al-Issawi, 51, and his son were killed in Baghdad’s northwestern Shula neighborhood202
06/22/05Shiite neighborhood of Shula...Two bombs exploded in front of a pair of restaurants, killing at least 11 and wounding 2811011
06/21/05A body showing signs of torture was found near Hilla, south of Baghdad, three days after the victim was kidnapped, and north of the capital in Shorgat the army discovered the bodies of a businessman and soldier who had been shot. 213
06/21/05Earlier in the day, insurgents had planted explosives in Tal Afar town hall, killing two and wounding two others, the police chief said. Guards posted at the building escaped. 202
06/21/05In the northern town of Tal Afar, four mortar rounds smashed into the Al-Saad neighborhood, killing two people and wounding six, including two women and two children, police chief Colonel Najem Abdellah...202
06/21/05Near Baquba, an Iraqi soldier was killed as he went to work, and a Turkish truck driver was shot dead as he left an Iraqi-US base east of Balad, army officers and police said. 011
06/21/05Two suicide car bomb attacks targeted two Iraqi army checkpoints north of Baghdad, killing six Iraqi soldiers and wounding several others, the US-Iraqi joint coordination center said on Tuesday.066
06/21/05West of Baiji, two Iraqi policemen and two civilians died in a firefight between police and gunmen, an officer reported.224
06/20/05A second such attack in the normally more tranquil Kurdish region killed the security chief of the town of Halabja while another on an Iraqi army checkpoint in the disputed oil city of Kirkuk, just outside Kurdistan, killed four soldiers. 055
06/20/05A suicide car bomber killed 20 traffic policemen and wounded 100 Monday outside the unit's headquarters in this northern Kurdish city, police and hospital officials said.02020
06/20/05Anwar Haji Othman, the director general of internal security in the region of Shahrazouz...was killed when a suicide bomber hit his convoy on the main road between the cities of Halbaja and Suleimaniya. 2of his bodyguards were also killed in the blast...213
06/20/05In Baghdad, five Iraqi police and security forces officers were killed when a car bomb exploded near a police station, the U.S. military said.055
06/19/05And late Saturday an Interior Ministry official reported that the bodies of seven more Iraqi men, all executed with gunshot wounds to the head, had been found in a shallow grave in eastern Baghdad. 707
06/19/05Four people have been killed and 12 wounded by a suicide car bomber's strike on an Iraqi military checkpoint north of Baghdad.404
06/19/05The bombing at the restaurant -- located less than 400 yards away from an entrance to the U.S.-protected Green Zone -- killed at least 23 Iraqis, including seven police officers, and injured 16 Iraqi police officers and 20 civilians.16723
06/19/05two Iraqi police officers were killed by gunmen in western Baghdad. A second band of gunmen killed an electrical engineer on his way to work. Two mortar rounds in central Mosul...landed at a butcher's market, killing a 12-year-old boy.123
06/19/05Two unknown gunmen this morning assassinated engineer Sattar Sabbar al-Khazraji, a professor at the Technology University in Baghdad. Al-Sharqiyah's correspondent said that two gunmen driving a motorbike shot Al-Khazraji dead 101
06/18/05A 10-year-old Iraqi girl was killed Saturday and two people were injured when a roadside bomb missed a passing American military convoy and detonated near the child instead, hospital officials said. 101
06/18/05A suicide car bomb attack in Iraq on Saturday killed 14 soldiers and injured eight others, Xinhua reported. The attack had been apparently targeted at an Iraqi army patrol near the Iraqi Islamic Party headquarters in Fallujah 01414
06/18/05In other violence, a suicide car bomber killed five Iraqis, including two civilians, and wounded 10 others in Fallujah...The target was Fallujah's mayor and police brigade commander...He escaped unharmed.235
06/18/05Mahmoudiya police Lieutenant Adnan Abd Allah said al-Edwan was found sprawled on a damaged roadside portrait of former President Saddam Hussein. 011
06/18/05The bodies of two Iraqis working for American forces were found near the town of Beiji, north of Baghdad. They had disappeared Monday.202
06/18/05The US military has no reports about civilian casualties. However, medical sources in Qaim Hospital said, "We have received 12 bodies till Friday night and 15 wounded from Karabilahonly." Some of the victims were children, women and elderly residents12012
06/18/05Two Iraqi policemen were killed and two others were wounded in a raid on their patrol by unknown gunmen in Al-Gazaliya area, in the western sector of the Iraqi capital, a police source said on Saturday. 022
06/18/05Two US Army soldiers were killed and one was wounded during a small arms skirmish with insurgents while transporting a detainee north of Baghdad, the military said today. A civilian and the detainee were also killed in the incident near Buhriz 101
06/17/05A car bomb blew up outside a mosque Friday in the western town of Habaniyah, killing four people and injuring another 15, the U.S. Marines said 404
06/17/05Iraq Two people are dead and six injured in Iraq after a suicide car bomber slammed into a loaded fuel tanker as it drove through Baghdad's eastern suburbs. Police say the car hit the tanker after it missed an Iraqi army patrol. 202
06/16/05A suicide car bomber slammed into a truck Thursday that was carrying policemen along the main road connecting Baghdad with its airport, killing at least eight officers and injuring at least 25, police and hospital officials said. 088
06/16/05An Iraqi judge was assassinated on Thursday, as five civilians and two of Iraqi policemen died in clashes with militants in Mosul, Iraqi Kurdish source said. Judge Salem Mahmud Haj Ali was gunned down ... along with his driver202
06/16/05Police found the bodies of 11 people in two towns, Latifiyah and Musayyib, in the so-called Triangle of Death on Thursday.11011
06/16/05South of Baghdad, two gunmen dressed as policemen killed Karim Kazimi, a former senior member of Saddam Hussein’s Baath party, in Hindiyah near the Shiite shrine city of Karbala, said a spokesman for the local provincial authority. 101
06/15/05"Rebels launched more than 15 mortar shells on a historic fort north of the city of Tal Afar being used as a police headquarters," said police General Najm Abdallah. Two policemen and a woman were among those killed. 123
06/15/05A gun battle broke out in Baghdad's western Saydiyah neighbourhood when gunmen opened fire on a police patrol, police Lieut. Mohammed al-Heyali said. One Iraqi civilian was killed an six police officers were injured. 101
06/15/05A man wearing a belt packed with explosives killed at least 23 Iraqi soldiers and wounded 29 others on Wednesday when he blew himself up inside a restaurant on an Iraqi army base north of Baghdad, army officials said. 02323
06/15/05A suicide car bomber slammed into two police cars on patrol Wednesday in Baghdad's Zafaraniya neighborhood, killing eight officers, authorities said. The attack occurred in according to police Lt. Thaer Mohamoud and 1st Sgt. Mohhamed Fadhil. 088
06/15/05Insurgents kidnapped and killed two senior officers Wednesday in Kirkuk's anti-terrorist squad...Brig. Gen. Naseh Mohie al-Deen, his son and driver Oqba, and Lt. Col. Khalid Ahmed were found dumped streetside with gunshots to their heads. 224
06/15/05Seven people, including two police officers, were killed in the northern town of Tal Afar in clashes with insurgents, Police Brig. Gen. Naji Abdullah said. An Iraqi civilian died after being shot Tuesday in Tikrit, north of Baghdad. 527
06/15/05The number of dead is now up to 25 from a suicide bombing today at an Iraqi army base north of Baghdad. [added to previous total]022
06/14/05A bomb exploded outside a bank in the northern city of Kirkuk on Tuesday, killing 19 people, including pensioners waiting for checks and child street vendors. The bodies of 24 men killed in ambushes were brought to a Baghdad hospital.19019
06/14/05A suicide car bomber killed five Iraqi soldiers...The attack happened in Kan'an, about 30 miles north of Baghdad, when the suicide bomber rammed his vehicle into the army patrol, Colonel Hussein al-Jabouri said.055
06/14/05Also late Tuesday, a gunbattle between Iraqi police and the kidnappers of a local construction contractor in the city of Kirkuk ended with two gunmen and the contractor dead, according to Iraqi police.101
06/14/05Marines and Iraqi soldiers killed five Iraqi civilians in western Iraq on Tuesday shortly after a suicide attack on a military checkpoint left one Iraqi soldier dead, the military said.516
06/14/05Meanwhile, 10 Iraqis, including two children, were killed and seven wounded by a car bomb north of Baghdad, according to security and hospital sources.10010
06/14/05The bodies of 24 men - some of which were beheaded - that had been killed in recent ambushes on convoys in western Iraq were brought to a Baghdad hospital, a hospital morgue official Tuesday....Two of the bodies were identified as an Iraqi policeman 22224
06/13/05Also on Monday a member of Iraq's infrastructure protection force was shot dead near the northern oil refinery town of Baiji, and an Iraqi businessman was gunned down as he left a US base at the airport in Dhuluiyah. 112
06/13/05Gunmen killed a female Interior Ministry employee in Baghdad's Sadr City district, police said. Police found the body of an unidentified man in Sadr City.202
06/13/05in Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit when police pursued a suspicious driver who blew up his car after being cornered. The blast killed two policemen and a firefighter and wounded 11 people, including seven civilians.123
06/13/05Insurgents attacked an Iraqi police checkpoint on the main road between Baghdad and the town of Baquba on Monday, killing four policemen and injuring 10, police said.044
06/13/05Major Salah al-Samarai of the Iraqi police said a second suicide car bomber blew up a vehicle near a joint Iraqi army and police patrol in the nearby city of Samarra, killing five members of the security forces and wounding five others.055
06/13/05Near Baghdad, a roadside bomb blew up next to a patrol of police commandos, an elite police unit, killing one and injuring four, the Interior Ministry said.011
06/12/05In other violence, a mortar barrage intended for an Iraqi army barrack in the northern Iraqi town of Tal Afar missed its target and slammed into a house, killing a 6-year-old child and wounding five other people, police Capt. Amjad Hashim said.101
06/12/05Insurgents fired mortar rounds at a funeral for the mother of one of Iraq's most senior police generals on Sunday, killing two people, and the Shiite-led government pressed the need to open talks with insurgent groups.202
06/12/05On Sunday, another four Iraqi soldiers and five rebels were killed in three hours of clashes in the area around Tlul al-Baj further, the Iraqi army said.044
06/12/05Six more bodies have been found in Baghdad, most of them tortured before being executed, police..."Three bodies, including two policemen brothers, were discovered in Baladiyat, in eastern Baghdad," 336
06/12/05The bodies of 20 people, bound and shot in the head, have been found on a military firing range in the eastern suburbs of Baghdad, police said today.20020
06/11/05A bomb exploded in a cemetery in the southern city of Najaf early Saturday, killing two Iraqis, including and 8-year-old girl and wounding three others from the same family as they were visiting the graves of relatives, said Capt. Hadi al-Najim. 202
06/11/05A hospital official in Falluja said a roadside bomb explosion killed two Iraqis believed to be working at an American base in the area and injured three others.202
06/11/05An unknown armed group launched an attack on a convoy of trucks for the Ministry of Trade while passing through Baladiyat neighborhood in Mosul, noting that the attack killed one driver and wounded another, and one of the trucks was completely burned.101
06/11/05Another 10 people died when a blast tore through Baghdad's mainly Shiite Shula district on Saturday, shortly before a night-time curfew came into effect. An eight-months pregnant woman, her unborn child and husband were among the dead. 10010
06/11/05GUNMEN opened fire on a bus filled with labourers just south of Baghdad today, killing 10 people and wounding three... the bus carrying 13 people was travelling from ...Hilla to Baghdad when two cars pulled up on either side and the gunmen attacked.10010
06/11/05Iraqi police said U.S. soldiers have mistakenly killed two security guards during a gun battle. A military spokesman said the soldiers started shooting when a car came too close to an American armored patrol.202
06/11/05The death toll of the attack against the elite "Wolf Brigades" headquarters in Baghdad Saturday rose to eight people and 12 others are now reported injured. An Iraqi police source said in a press release that eight Iraqi policemen were killed 088
06/11/05The Iraqi Police on Saturday found the bodies of three Iraqi civilians on a highway nearby the area of Dourah, south of Baghdad, said an Iraqi Police source.303
06/11/05Three other commandos were killed in an attack on their convoy in western Baghdad's Mansour area, police said.033
06/11/05Two Oil Ministry employees were shot dead in Baghdad's southern Dora district, police official Rasol Salih said. A third man was critically wounded. The bodies were found in a canal under a footbridge and one of the slain men wore handcuffs...202
06/10/05A car bomb exploded in a street in a Shi'ite area of Baghdad overnight, killing 10 people and wounding 27, police and hospital officials said on Saturday.10010
06/10/05And police Colonel Karim Mohammed Darraji and his brother Sami, also a policeman, died after gunmen opened fire on them in the relatively quiet southern city of Basra, police and a witness said. 022
06/10/05Colonel Rahim Othman Said, head of an anti-corruption unit in the restive northern oil city of Kirkuk, and his deputy, Lieutenant Colonel Ghanem Jayad Jabbar, were shot dead in a drive-by attack, police said Friday. 022
06/10/05Gunmen attacked a mosque for Muslim Shiites in the district of Al-Dora in southern sector of the Iraqi capital on Friday killing two people, witnesses said.202
06/10/05The Interior Ministry also confirmed that another six bodies were found near Qaim outside the village of Fosfat. Interior ministry Maj. Falah al-Mahamdawi said the six men were found Thursday. They all had civilian ID cards. 606
06/09/05authorities found 21 bodies Friday near the Syrian border...The victims, thought to be missing Iraqi soldiers, were found blindfolded and shot repeatedly in the head, their hands tied behind their backs. Three were beheaded.02121
06/09/05Two civilians were killed and another three injured when insurgents fired a mortar on their house south of Baghdad on Thursday. The insurgents were targeting an adjacent base used by multinational forces in Yusifiyah.202
06/08/05A car bomb detonated near a row of civilian cars queued outside a gas station in Baquba, north of Baghdad on Wednesday, killing three people and wounding another, police said. 303
06/08/05Fighters also killed Mustafa Ashraf, a translator working for US troops, as he was driving between the towns of Khalis and Baquba, 60km northeast of Baghdad101
06/08/05Gunmen killed former Baath Party member Kamil al-Nouri near his grocery store in Baghdad's impoverished Sadr City late Wednesday, police Maj. Hussein Jadou'a said. Al-Nouri was one of 10 Iraqis announced killed Wednesday across the country101
06/08/05In Mosul, police Col. Nashwan Hadi was killed in a drive-by-shooting near his home. The attackers then fired a rocket at his house, injuring five people, including two children. Another officer was shot and killed in eastern Mosul. 022
06/08/05One police officer was killed and six injured in clashes between Iraqi police and gunmen in northwest Baghdad after gunmen attacked a police car.011
06/08/05Security officials said two carloads of armed men fired on a vehicle carrying Industry Ministry officials Zaki Jawad and Muhammed Haider, killing both.202
06/07/05A convoy of trucks believed to be carrying supplies to a U.S. military base west of Baghdad was ambushed Tuesday, and reporters who arrived after the attack said they saw the bodies of at least seven people.707
06/07/05A correspondent for pan-Arab al-Arabiya TV channel reports that US soldiers have shot dead two Iraqi teachers in the Tamin district of Ramadi. The correspondent says the two Iraqis were caught up in a raid against insurgents. 202
06/07/05Also on Tuesday, relatives of a Sunni Muslim cleric in the southern Iraqi city of Basra said he had been killed.Witnesses said Salam Abdul-Karim was taken from his home on Sunday by men in police uniform. His body was found the following day.101
06/07/05An employee of the foreign ministry was killed in a drive-by shooting and a policeman was shot dead in the southern Aamel neighborhood. 112
06/07/05Four Iraqi soldiers are killed in an ambush and a roadside bombing north of Baghdad, AFP reports quoting Iraqi police and the army officials. Two bullet-riddled bodies were found on the banks of a nearby river, the report also says. 246
06/07/05Fourteen Iraqis died, half of them soldiers, in early morning car bomb attacks around the northern town of Hawijah7714
06/07/05Near the former rebel stronghold of Fallujah, west of Baghdad, three civilians died and 13 were wounded in a mortar attack on a military base.347
06/07/05Nine people were killed in the northern city of Mosul, including four peshmerga militiamen reportedly shot dead by police after they were mistaken for insurgents and three students killed when unknown gunmen burst into their apartment.549
06/07/05The body of a policeman bearing gunshot wounds was also discovered near the infamous Abu Ghraib prison west of Baghdad.011
06/06/05Ahmad al-Allawi said that gunmen opened fire at the police car in al-Amin quarters to the east of Baghdad and this resulted in killing one woman police officer and injuring her colleague. 011
06/06/05Two Iraqi soldiers were also killed in an attack on their checkpoint near Samarra, north of Baghdad, police said.022
06/05/05Also today, a translator for coalition forces in the northern city of Kirkuk was gunned down on his way home.101
06/05/05An Iraqi truck driver was killed in another drive-by attack elsewhere in the city. Police say he was transporting concrete walls for the U-S military.101
06/05/05Officials report that gunmen in a speeding car opened fire on Iraqi security forces in Baghdad, killing a policewoman and injuring a policeman. Militants routinely attack Iraqi security targets.011
06/05/05One Iraqi died and another two were injured in an attack with mortar against a police station in the Northern Iraqi town of Mosul, announced AFP, citing police sources.101
06/05/05Small arms fire Sunday night in the northern Iraq city of Tal Afar killed two civilians, according to a Task Force Freedom news release.202
06/04/05A suicide bomber blew up his vehicle at the entrance to a U.S. base in Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit, killing five Iraq soldiers and wounding seven, a police source said on Saturday055
06/04/05Gunmen shot dead an Iraqi car driver and trapped his car with explosives which detonated to wound two policemen on Saturday, witnesses said.101
06/04/05Three Iraqi soldiers were killed and one was wounded in an attack on a checkpoint in Balad, north of Baghdad, on Saturday.033
06/03/05A mortar attack in Tal Afar, a city about 50 miles west of Mosul, killed two Iraqi men and injured three, police chief Col. Ishmael Mohammed said.202
06/03/05A suicide car bomber rammed his car into a building north of Baghdad, killing at least 10 people and wounding 12, the U.S. military said on Friday. The attack occurred late on Thursday in a village south of the town of Balad ...10010
06/03/05Elsewhere across the country, two Iraqis, including a child, died when their car collided with a U.S military Bradley fighting vehicle.202
06/03/05Gunmen have murdered a Shiite cleric in the southern Iraqi city of Basra. Iraqi city of Basra. Police and relatives say Ali Abdul Hussein was shot outside his house by two gunmen who escaped in a car. 101
06/03/05Gunmen on Friday killed ... a contractor renovating a mosque in Samarra and a man standing outside a Baghdad hospital, while several car bombs that targeted U.S. convoys in the capital wounded six civilians, authorities said. 202
06/03/05In northern Mosul, a suicide car bomber blew himself up near a police station in the southern part of the city, killing three police officers and wounding another five, Capt. Ahmed Khalil of the police operations room said. 033
06/03/05Iraqi translator, working in an US military base was killed Friday in Balad, at about 70 kilometers North of Baghdad, announced AFP, citing police sources...armed men have opened fire on the 33-year-old Hazem Karim Hanam. 101
06/03/05On Friday, gunmen killed Brigadier Sabah Qara Alton, a Turkman member of the Kirkuk City Council, after he left a mosque in the northern city.101
06/03/05The police also found seven bodies in different parts of the city - including five "terrorists," a police officer and a Kurdistan Democratic Party member discovered in separate places.202
06/02/05...in Baqouba...another suicide bomber killed four people, including Hussein Alwan al-Tamimi, 41, deputy head of Iraq's northeastern Diyala provincial council since January, police Col...3of his bodyguards also died in the attack on his convoy404
06/02/05A Sunni cleric, Imad al-Hayali, was "mistakenly" killed by an Iraqi soldier at a checkpoint in Latifiyah,...police Lt. Adnan Abdullah said Thursday. Al-Hayali was shot Tuesday by soldiers who thought he was driving dangerously toward the checkpoint101
06/02/05At least 12 people were killed in a massive explosion targeting a restaurant in Tuz Khormato, 55 miles south of the northern city of Kirkuk, the Iraqi Defense Ministry said in a statement.12012
06/02/05Gunmen firing from three speeding cars killed nine Iraqis Thursday in a crowded market area in Baghdad. The gunmen fired randomly at shops in a bazaar in the northwestern neighborhood of Hurriyah early.909
06/02/05In Baiji, 200 kilometers north of Baghdad, a Turkish truck driver was shot dead following a firefight between insurgents and police escorting a convoy. Two members of the security forces died in the shootout, an army captain said. 022
06/02/05In Siniyah, an Iraqi soldier died and another was injured in a mortar attack on their base, another officer added011
06/02/05In the northern city of Kirkuk, a suicide car bomber killed four Iraqi bystanders and wounded at least 11 others, said Dr. Bassam Mohammed of Kirkuk Emergency Hospital.404
06/02/05Two parked motorcycles rigged with explosives detonated near a downtown Mosul coffee shop frequented by policemen, killing four civilians and one policeman, and destroying several shops. 415
06/02/05while further north in the Shorgat region, four civilians were killed by a roadside bomb. A family was driving from Mosul to Shorgat when their vehicle was hit by the explosion,” army captain Assad Sadad said415
06/01/05A mortar attack in Baghdad killed four people, including three children, while Turkish Kurds sheltering in the north of the war-wracked country held out an olive branch to Ankara. 404
06/01/05An Iraqi soldier died and 12 others were hospitalized after they ate poisonous watermelon near the northern Iraqi city of Mosul ... "An unknown driver of a truck full of watermelon gave late Tuesday poisonous watermelon to Iraqi soldiers ...011
06/01/05Another police officer was shot dead at a market in northern Samarra.011
06/01/05Police lieutenant Mohamed Khairi was killed by unknown gunmen in the Dur region011
06/01/05Two further suicide car bombings killed three Iraqi soldiers in the northern towns of Tarmiya and Baiji.Both attacks targeted joint Iraqi-American patrols and left six Iraqi soldiers wounded. 033

This is not a complete list, nor can we verify these totals. This is simply a compilation of deaths reported by news agencies. Actual totals for Iraqi deaths are much higher than the numbers recorded on this site.

Deaths Since April 28, 2005
(Shiite-led government announced):

Police/Mil: 8321
Civilians: 50253
Total: 58574

Deaths Since February 22, 2006
(Al Askari Mosque bombing):

Police/Mil: 6023
Civilians: 44145
Total: 50168

For a detail list of Iraqi Deaths please see
The Iraqi Body Count
For a detail Report on mortality before and after the 2003 invasion of Iraq see
The Lancet Study (PDF)