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Iraqi Deaths

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Total Prior to 2005

03/31/05A car bomb blew up Thursday morning targeting a Shiite procession in Toz east of Tikrit, killing three Iraqis and wounding 19 others, said a US military statement.303
03/31/05In another attack, a suicide car bomber detonated his car beside an Iraqi army patrol in Samarra, killing two soldiers, officials sai022
03/31/05In Samarra, north of Baghdad, seven people were killed when a car bomb exploded in the path of a US-Iraqi patrol, police said, adding that four were civilians.404
03/31/05Three Iraqi national guards and two civilians were killed in an attack on a military checkpoint near Suleiman Beik, 60 miles south of the city of Kirkuk, a captain in the force said.235
03/30/05A bomb blast killed two Iraqis including one policeman and wounding four others in the governorate of Al-Diwaniah in the south of Iraq on Wednesday, police said.112
03/30/05A booby-trapped car exploded Wednesday in Mosul killing four civilians and wounding three others, a Kurdish source said.404
03/30/05A car bomb exploded today in western Baghdad, killing one person and injuring at least six others, and attackers opened fire on Shiite pilgrims heading to a major religious festival that draws some 1.5 million people.101
03/30/05Close to Baiji, 200 kilometres north of the capital, two brothers who worked for the Iraqi army were found dead by soldiers, said an army captain.022
03/30/05In Abu Ghraib, west of Baghdad, a school guard died in a car bombing and a school teacher was wounded, an interior ministry official said.101
03/30/05In Balad, 70 kilometres north of Baghdad, a rebel was killed and an Iraqi soldier was wounded during an hour-long shoot-out, while in nearby Dujail, unknown gunmen kidnapped a truck driver and killed his passenger, security officials said. 101
03/30/05Insurgents have opened fire on a U.S. military patrol in Mosul and six people have been killed in a subsequent exchange of gunfire, including a woman and child, Iraqi police say.505
03/30/05Near Mahaweel, about 35 miles south of Baghdad, gunmen opened fire on Shiite pilgrims, killing one and injuring two, police Capt. Muthana al-Furati said.101
03/30/05Police said the explosives laden vehicle, driven by a lone suicide bomber, blew up in Al-Zaitoun district, killing one person and wounding six others, adding that the attack apparently targetted a patrol of the American Army.101
03/29/05unknown gunmen killed Wa'adullah Abdulqader, a university professor, in the Eastern suburbs of Mosul, a security source said.101
03/28/05In apparently related violence, a bicycle strapped with explosives blew up near a police car on the main road from Baghdad to Kerbala, killing two policemen and wounding several other police and civilians, local police said.022
03/28/05In Baghdad, masked gunmen opened fire on the car of Police Brig. Abdel Karim Fahed, killing him and his driver.112
03/28/05in Najaf, south of Kerbala, police major Nour Karim Nour was shot dead by US troops after approaching a checkpoint on the wrong side of the road, Najaf's police chief said. The US military had no immediate information.011
03/28/05The largest casualties occurred in the town of Massib south of Baghdad when a booby-trapped car exploded, killing seven people and wounding seven others.707
03/28/05Two other police officers were killed and 12 others wounded in two roadside bomb explosions in the western part of Baghdad.022
03/27/05[update]Four protestors died and many others were injured when gunmen opened fire randomly against a peaceful demonstration organized by installations protection policemen and Technology ministry employees here on Sunday. 303
03/27/05Another soldier was killed and two more were wounded in violence in Balad, about 70 kilometres (55 miles) north of Baghdad, said Assad Sudad, a police captain there.011
03/27/05Attacks persisted Sunday, with gunmen killing a local official from SCIRI, a Shiite group, and two of his relatives. Police discovered their bodies Sunday in an abandoned car north of Baqouba, 35 miles northeast of Baghdad.213
03/27/05Further north, four police were killed and six were wounded when rebels assaulted their police station in Tal Afar early Sunday with mortars and small arms fire, said Salah Mohammed, a doctor at the Tal Afar hospital.044
03/27/05Meanwhile, in Baghdad, witnesses say security for Iraq's science and technology minister opened fire on a crowd of protesters who had gathered to demand their full wages. One person was killed.101
03/27/05one soldier was killed and another was injured in an attack in Dhuluiyah, 70 kilometres (55 miles) north of Baghdad, said police captain Omar Jumaha.011
03/27/05Three Iraqi soldiers were killed and three more were wounded in separate attacks in and around Baquba.033
03/26/05Al Qaeda's wing in Iraq said it shot dead a senior Interior Ministry official kidnapped last month, and posted a video of the apparent killing on the Internet on Sunday. 011
03/26/05Assailants in Iraq have opened fire on a cafe popular with ethnic Kurds in Kirkuk. At least one person was killed and three injured.101
03/26/05Two Iraqi civilians were killed in Baghdad Saturday when U.S. forces detonated a booby-trapped car despite taking necessary precautions202
03/26/05Two Iraqi security force members and a civilian were killed around Baghdad Saturday, an interior ministry official said. 123
03/25/05At least two Iraqis were killed and 19 wounded, many of them pilgrims marching to the Shiite shrine city of Karbala, when a suicide bomber blew up his vehicle Friday by a police station, south of Baghdad, provincial police said.202
03/25/05Eleven Iraqi police commandos were killed and 14 other people wounded in a suicide car bombing in Ramadi late Thursday, a US military spokesman said.01111
03/25/05FIVE Iraqi cleaning ladies who worked on a US base south-east of Baghdad died when their car came under gunfire, an Iraqi official said today.505
03/25/05General Salman Mohamed was driving his car with two sons and another relative when a car with gunmen on board opened fire on them in Baghdad Jadida at 3:30 pm (1230 GMT)," the official said on condition of anonymity.112
03/25/05In an attack on Friday in Iskandariya, in a lawless area just south of Baghdad, a bomber blew up his car beside an Iraqi army convoy, killing three soldiers and wounding six, soldiers at the scene said.033
03/25/05In further violence north of the capital, a mortar attack on an Iraqi army barracks in Suleiman Beg killed one soldier and wounded a man who had come to visit one of his soldier sons, an army spokesman said.011
03/25/05Two other Iraqi officers and their driver were killed in South of Kirkuk in Norther Iraq.123
03/24/05Further south in Bir Ahmed, east of Saddam Hussein's northern hometown of Tikrit, police said they found the body of Othman Ara, a 44-year-old contractor working with US forces.101
03/24/05In Balad, 70 kilometres (40 miles) north of Baghdad, an Iraqi truck driver was killed by gunmen as he was changing a flat tire, said Lieutenant Colonel Adel Abdullah of the town's police.101
03/24/05In Shurgat, west of Kirkuk, one Iraqi soldier was killed and two more were wounded when three mortar rounds fell on their base, said Captain Ahmed Salam of the army.011
03/24/05Iraqi police mistook a group of Iraqi soldiers who were dressed in civilian clothing carrying guns for insurgents Thursday and opened fire, sparking a 10-minute gunbattle that killed three soldiers and two police in the northern town of Rabia. 055
03/24/05Meanwhile, Iraqi forces located two beheaded bodies believed to be of Iraqi soldiers on the main road between Baghdad and Abu Ghreib today.022
03/24/05Multiple attacks killed three insurgents and wounded one and killed one ING and wounded three. Also three ING were kidnapped. An Iraqi truck driver was killed. And police said they found the body of a 44-year-old contractor working with US forces. 011
03/23/05An Iraqi police officer was killed and two others wounded on Tuesday night at a US military checkpoint northeast of Baghdad, the Iraqi police said. 011
03/23/05And in the ongoing targeting of religious figures, a Sunni imam, Aziz Mohammed, was gunned down on Wednesday in Jurf al-Sakhr, south of Baghdad, said a spokesman for the Sunni Waqf, or religious administration.101
03/23/05Five bodies, including that of a female university student, were found south of Baghdad Wednesday while a mortar killed an Iraqi girl and wounded another at a primary school west of the capital, police and medical sources said. 505
03/23/05The mortar fell on the al-Junainah school in the Amariyah district, killing an 11-year-old girl and also wounding a 13-year-old female student, a hospital worker at Yarmuk hospital said. 101
03/22/05at least seven Iraqi commandos died when they raided an insurgent base near Samarra with the backing of US troops, the US military said.077
03/22/05Militants targeted a U.S. patrol with a roadside bomb Tuesday that killed four nearby civilians in the northern city of Mosul404
03/22/05The relentless bloodshed continued, with nine Iraqis, including three soldiers, killed in attacks mainly in Sunni areas in the north, security sources said Tuesday.639
03/21/05Insurgent attacks across Iraq on Monday left seven civilians and three Iraqi soldiers dead. 7310
03/21/05Street battles broke out Monday between US troops and militants in the center of the western Iraqi city of Ramadi, witnesses said. Also, a roadside bomb hit an American SUV, near Fallujah on Sunday night, killing all occupants and destroying the vehicle. 101
03/20/05A policeman was killed and three others wounded in a similar attack in Samarra, while the bodies of an Iraqi army officer and his cousin were found in the same area, according to police.123
03/20/05Attackers struck again hours later opening fire on the procession bearing Kachmoula's coffin as it made its way to the cemetery, killing two people and wounding 14, hospital sources said.202
03/20/05gunmen attacked a police station in Baquba killing at least four police and wounding two as a truck bomb rammed into the entrance of an Iraqi army barrack wounding 17 people, a police official said.044
03/20/05In Iraq, fighters targeted Iraqi security forces and government buildings with gunfire, suicide bomb attacks and mortar rounds Sunday, leaving at least five people dead, including a senior anti-corruption official. 055
03/20/05In the main northern city of Mosul, a suicide bomber with a fake badge slipped into a building housing the provincial anti-corruption department and blew himself up inside the office of its chief, General Walid Kachmoula, killing him and two of his guards033
03/20/05In the main southern city of Basra, a civilian was killed when a roadside bomb exploded in the path of a police patrol, police said.101
03/20/05Separately, two unidentified bodies shot in the chest and head were found in the city, which has become a new front for the insurgency since November.202
03/20/05The Iraqi police found Saturday dead body of a policeman in Misaiab area south of the capital, a source of the police said. 011
03/20/05Witnesses told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that the bomb exploded when a police patrol passed by it to also damage a number of civilian vehicles around the blast site.  101
03/19/05Attackers gunned down a police officer heading to work Saturday in the oil-rich city of Kirkuk, then bombed a funeral procession carrying his corpse, killing three other policemen and injuring two, officials said. 044
03/18/05A group of Iraqis look over the crater left after a roadside bomb targeted an Iraqi Police patrol in Baghdad, Iraq Friday, March 18, 2005. One police officer and six civilians were wounded.(AP Photo/Khalid Mohammed) 011
03/18/05At least seven Iraqis died yesterday, including three policemen blown up as they buried a murdered colleague. The policemen were killed and seven others wounded when a bomb exploded in the tense northern oil centre of Kirkuk 437
03/18/05The corpses of an Iraqi soldier and a businessman working with the Americans were discovered Friday. A soldier was kidnapped in Tuz and south of Baghdad, a truck driver was shot dead Thursday by highway robbers.112
03/18/05Three Iraqi civilians were killed Friday when a US military truck ran over a civilian vehicle on the main road between Tikrit and Kirkuk north of Baghdad, police said. 303
03/18/05Two senior Iraqi police officers were assassinated Thursday in a string of political slayings targeting symbols of new Iraq security apparatuses. 022
03/17/05A suicide car bomb Thursday killed two Iraqi civilians and wounded 15 others, including six US soldiers, in the volatile northern city of Mosul, the US military said. 202
03/17/05Imam Abdel Rahim Samarrai was standing outside his Thulal Nukatain mosque in Baghdad's Jadida district when he was killed by gunfire from a car.101
03/16/05A car bomb exploded Wednesday near an Iraqi army post in Baquba, northeast of Baghdad, killing five Iraqi soldiers and wounding 12 people, police said. 055
03/16/05Anonymous militants assassinated a major in the Iraqi police force in the northern town of Mosul, Iraqi police sources told reporters Wednesday. 011
03/15/05A suicide car bomb exploded in northeastern Baghdad, killing a child and wounding at least four people, including a police officer, police Col. Muhanad Sadoun said. 101
03/15/05The deputy commander of the Iraqi army in western Al-Anbar province was shot dead by US troops at a checkpoint Tuesday night, a police officer said. 011
03/14/05A suicide bomber has blown up his car at an Iraqi police and army checkpoint in a town south of Baghdad, killing two policemen and two civilians, local police say.224
03/14/05An Iraqi cameraman, Husam Hilal Sarsam who was working for a Kurdish-language television station was gunned down in Mosul on Monday, hospital sources in the restive northern city said. 101
03/14/05Elsewhere, unknown attackers killed an Iraqi army captain while he was driving his car in the Abu Gharib district, west of Baghdad, said 1st Lt. Akram al-Zobaei. 011
03/14/05Four Iraqis were killed in an armed clash that erupted on Monday in the Iraqi town of Al-Qaem in Al-Anbar in the west of the country, witnesses said. They said the four were killed in a firefight that pitted American troops against a group of gunmen. 404
03/14/05Two farmers were in a pickup truck carrying lettuce when a car bomb exploded in their path, killing them and wounding two passersby, according to a policeman at the scene who did not wish to be identified. 202
03/14/05Two Iraqi civilians have died after being wounded in crossfire involving a U.S. helicopter in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, the U.S. military said.202
03/14/05Two Iraqis were killed and a third injured in an automobile accident on Saturday, when a fuel tanker traveling fast in an American convoy crashed at 8:30 p.m. along a highway in Baghdad. Six civilian cars were involved in the accident. 202
03/12/05An Iraqi policeman was killed and three injured in a mortar attack at a checkpoint South of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, Iraqi police said.011
03/12/05Eleven Iraqis were killed in rebel attacks in the past two days, Iraqi security sources said Sunday, as 12 corpses that had been rotting on a farm for a month were found by soldiers south of Baghdad. 11011
03/12/05Three Iraqi policemen were gunned down in Mosul and a foreign truck driver killed near Baiji on Saturday as three Afghans allegedly on their way to fight in the northern city were arrested in Baghdad.033
03/12/05Two Iraqis, including one policeman and the head engineer at the Baghdad airport, were killed in two attacks in Baghdad, an interior ministry source said Sunday.123
03/12/05Unidentified gunmen killed two Iraqis in Tikrit province, north of the capital Baghdad, Iraqi police sources said Saturday.202
03/10/05A suicide bomber blew himself up Thursday inside a Shiite mosque in the northern city of Mosul and killed at least 30 people, witnesses and hospital officials said.30030
03/10/05At least five policemen, including two high ranking officers, were killed in a series of shootings in Baghdad today.055
03/10/05Forty-six people were killed in Thursday's suicide attack on a Shi'ite funeral in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, Iraqi health officials said.  (16 added from previous account)16016
03/10/05In northern Mosul, two police officers were killed and two others were injured in clashes with insurgents. In northern Kirkuk, a woman identified as Nawal Mohammed, who worked with US forces, was killed in a drive-by shooting. 022
03/10/05In the northern city of Kirkuk, gunmen killed an accountant working for KurdSat, Brig. Saraht Qadir said. The television station belongs to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, one of two main Kurdish parties. 101
03/10/05Insurgents set up a fake police checkpoint and stopped Colonel Ahmed Abeis's car as he was on the way to work. After asking his name, they shot him along with two other policemen in his car. One of the insurgents filmed the killing.033
03/10/05North of the capital, gunmen shot down the son of a tribal chief Sheikh Suhail Ahmed as he left a US base in Balad. A contractor was killed near Tuz as he drove to Tikrit and roadside bombs killed an Iraqi soldier and a civilian near Duluiyah and Baiji.213
03/09/05a booby-trapped corpse exploded south of Baghdad, killing four Iraqi police officers. 044
03/09/05A corrections team headed by the former director of the Geiger Corrections Center in Spokane survived a suicide bombing early today at Baghdad’s Al-Sadir Hotel in which two Iraqi police officers were killed and 40 people were injured.022
03/09/05A suicide bomber detonated a garbage truck packed with explosives outside the Agriculture Ministry and a hotel used by Western contractors Wednesday, killing himself and at least three others, officials said. 303
03/09/05An explosion in the Iraqi capital Baghdad has shaken buildings and covered the area in a pall of smoke. At least one person died and 10 others were wounded in the blast. Volleys of automatic gunfire were heard before and after the explosion.101
03/09/05Gunmen have attacked the convoy of Iraqi Planning Minister Mehdi al-Hafidh in Baghdad, killing one of his bodyguards, police say. 101
03/09/05In Falluja, west of Baghdad, today a suicide car bomber attacked a National Guard center. Two guards and a civilian were killed and 15 people wounded, some of them guards and others civilians, according to national guard and hospital officials. 123
03/09/05Iraqi officials said Wednesday that 35 bodies some bullet-riddled, others beheaded have been found at two separate sites and they believe some of the corpses are Iraqi soldiers kidnapped and executed by insurgents.  (20 added from previous report)20020
03/08/05A senior Iraqi official was gunned down in Baghdad on Tuesday after a day of attacks waged by insurgents against the country’s security services that left at least 27 people dead.101
03/08/05Clashes erupted between US troops and insurgents today in the troubled city of Ramadi, leaving at least two people dead, officials said. gunmen also attacked a convoy of trucks carrying food for the Trade Ministry in Salman Pak, southeast of the capital. 202
03/08/05Gunmen have killed three Iraqi women in the Shia district of Sadr City in Baghdad, police say. Police said they believed the women had been accused by a religious movement of being prostitutes, and were not killed for political reasons. 303
03/08/05THE Iraqi army said today it found 15 beheaded corpses, both men and women, on an old military base near Latifiyah south of Baghdad. 15015
03/07/05Another car bomb exploded outside the home of an Iraqi army officer in Balad, 50 miles north of Baghdad, killing 12 people and injuring 21 others, said the city's police chief, Ayad Ahmed. Hospital officials said most of the casualties were bystanders. 12012
03/07/05Baqouba - a suicide car bombing outside a police station there killed nine people and wounded 17. The dead included the bomber, two police, three soldiers and three civilians.358
03/07/05In Baghdad, gunmen killed two police and wounded a third in a drive-by shooting in the eastern slum of Sadr City, said Dr. Abdul Jabar Solan, director of a hospital where the casualties were brought.022
03/07/05Insurgents killed five Iraqi soldiers in clashes near the town of Baquba on Monday and detonated a suicide car bomb that killed two policemen on their way to reinforce the troops, police and hospital sources said077
03/07/05Two civilians were also killed when a roadside bomb targeting a joint U.S.-Iraqi military convoy exploded in the west Baghdad neighborhood of Amiriyah. 202
03/06/05From Iraq Body Count: prominent Sunni Arab politician shot while leaving her home' in Mosul101
03/05/05West of Baghdad in Abu Ghraib, gunmen in two vehicles killed an Iraqi army officer, said Capt. Akram al-Zubaie. 011
03/04/05A police chief was gunned down near his home in south-central Iraq Friday, said the Polish military, which is deployed in the region, while one person was killed and three wounded in a car bomb in Baquba. 011
03/04/05A roadside bomb apparently intended for a passing US military convoy killed a pedestrian on Friday in the Iraqi city of Samarra, according to police. 101
03/04/05Elsewhere in the city, the bound bodies of two Iraqis who had been shot were discovered by police.202
03/04/05From Iraq Body Count: Shiite imam [killed] as he arrived at the Kadmenain Mosque' in Doura, Baghdad101
03/04/05From Iraq Body Count: director of Islamic Relief Committee Killed101
03/04/05Hospital doctors in Hadithah, 350 kilometres west of the capital, said that three Iraqi civilians were killed and six wounded during an exchange of gunfire between insurgents and US troops.303
03/04/05Seven Iraqi soldiers have been killed in various attacks, security sources said, as a daytime curfew was imposed in the restive town of Samarra, north of Baghdad077
03/04/05Six police officers were killed and 15 wounded in new car bomb attacks on Iraq's security services, as political factions wrangled over putting together a government.066
03/03/05From Iraq Body Count: clashes between US troops and insurgents' - woman and child among the dead202
03/03/05From Iraq Body Count: 'Iraqis working for a construction equipment company that supplies American contractors'202
03/03/05Two car bombs exploded near Iraq's Interior Ministry in Baghdad on Thursday, killing at least five policemen and wounding several others in relentless violence overshadowing efforts to form a new government. 055
03/02/05Gunmen killed a judge and lawyer working for the tribunal that will try Saddam Hussein and members of his former regime, a day after the secret court referred five of the ousted dictator's aides to trial for alleged crimes against humanity..202
03/02/05The (IFTU) announces the loss of the martyred trade unionist and member of the Transport and Communication Workers Union, brother Ahmed Adris Abbas who was assassinated on Thursday 24th February 2005 in Martyrs’ Square in central Baghdad. 101
03/02/05Two explosions in western Baghdad killed 13 Iraqi soldiers and injured many others on Wednesday, police and witnesses said. 01313
03/01/05"The two bodies were identified as bodyguards of a high-ranking official in the Iraqi Defense Ministry," Colonel Hassan Ahmad from the provincial headquarters of Salahudin police told Xinhua. 202
03/01/05A judge working on the special tribunal established to try Saddam Hussein and other senior officials in his toppled regime was assassinated Tuesday in Baghdad...101

This is not a complete list, nor can we verify these totals. This is simply a compilation of deaths reported by news agencies. Actual totals for Iraqi deaths are much higher than the numbers recorded on this site.

Deaths Since April 28, 2005
(Shiite-led government announced):

Police/Mil: 8321
Civilians: 50253
Total: 58574

Deaths Since February 22, 2006
(Al Askari Mosque bombing):

Police/Mil: 6023
Civilians: 44145
Total: 50168

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