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Iraqi Deaths

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Total Prior to 2005

05/31/05A policeman was shot dead in another part of the city [Mosul], which is regularly the scene of lethal attacks. 011
05/31/05A suicide car bomber killed two Iraqi soldiers in an early morning attack on an army checkpoint near Buhriz, about 35 miles north of Baghdad, said Diyala provincial police spokesman Ali Fadhil.022
05/31/05gunmen shot and killed Jerges Mohammed Sultan, an Iraqi journalist working for Iraqi state TV channel Al-Iraqiya, as he left his house in the northern city of Mosul, said Dr. Baha-aldin al-Bakri from al-Jumhouri hospital.101
05/31/05Iraqi Police on Tuesday found the dead bodies of four Iraqi policemen in the town of Heit in Western Iraq. Tthe four policemen were handcuffed and executed by shooting, noting that a lieutenant colonel was among them. 044
05/31/05North of Baghdad, three other people, including an Asian truck driver whose nationality was unknown, were killed in separate attacks that also left six wounded, including one woman, police sources said. 202
05/31/05The governor [Raja Nawaf Farhan al-Mahalawi] of western Iraq's volatile Anbar province has been killed during clashes between U.S. forces and the insurgents who abducted him, the Iraqi government said Tuesday101
05/30/05A roadside bomb blast killed one civilian and injured two others in Adhaim, a village 31 miles north of Baqouba, according to Baqouba council official Faris Ekab. 101
05/30/05Four Americans and an Iraqi were killed when an Iraqi Air Force plane went down in eastern Iraq on Monday 011
05/30/05Gunmen killed a senior Kurdish official, Maj. Gen. Ahmed al-Barazanchi, the director of internal affairs of Kirkuk province and a former police chief. He died in hospital early Monday after being shot late Sunday011
05/30/05In all, the precisely coordinated assault in Hilla -- targeting police officers who were protesting a provincial governor's decision to disband their units -- killed 31 people and wounded 108, according to Muhammed Hadi03131
05/30/05Two Iraqi police sergeants employed by the Iraqi Cabinet were killed while driving to work Sunday by unknown gunmen in another car, police said. 022
05/29/05A suicide car bomb detonated outside the Iraqi Oil Ministry on Sunday, killing at least two security guards and wounding others, officials said..."about 1:20 p.m. (0920 GMT)," Falah al-Khawaja, an official in the ministry told Xinhua.202
05/29/05An interior ministry police officer and two civilians were killed and nine other people injured in a car bomb attack south of Baghdad on Sunday, a security source said.213
05/29/05Another suicide car bomber in eastern Baghdad killed four policemen and wounded four, police Lt.-Col. Hassan Chalob said. 044
05/29/05Another two Iraqi police commandos were killed and five injured in a car bomb blast at 11 a.m. at Madain about 14 miles southeast of Baghdad, police Col. Selam Mehmood.022
05/29/05At least fifteen people were killed, including nine soldiers by gunmen who attacked a checkpoint in Youssifiyah, 12 miles south of the capital. 6915
05/29/05Gunmen killed two Iraqi police sergeants employed by the Iraqi Cabinet in a drive-by shooting Sunday in Dora, said police Capt. Firas Qaiti 022
05/29/05The U.S. military said Sunday that a roadside bomb attack in central Mosul a day earlier killed eight Iraqis, including three children, and wounded two. 808
05/28/05Ali said police have also found the bullet-riddled bodies of five Iraqis in a car on a road in the volatile Anbar province.505
05/28/05Another five Iraqis died in Saturday's twin suicide car bombings at the entrance to an Iraqi military base in Sinjar, about 75 miles northwest of Mosul, a police official said on condition of anonymity.505
05/28/05Another Iraqi soldier was killed when a mixed US-Iraqi patrol was targeted by a suicide car bomber in the oil refinery city of Baiji, north of Baghdad, police lieutenant Hassan Salah said.011
05/28/05Gunmen have shot dead a former member of Kirkuk's city council, Naif Sabhan al-Jibouri, Iraqi police said on Saturday, the latest killing of a local official in a city where tensions between Kurds and Arabs run high. 101
05/28/05South of Baghdad, outside the town of Hilla, unknown gunmen stopped a car carrying five Iraqi soldiers and opened fire, killing four of them and seriously wounding one, a spokesman for the Hilla police said. 044
05/27/05a car bomb attack on an Iraqi police convoy in Tikrit late on Friday which killed two civilians and wounded 24 people, including nine police, Jalal Khoshi, a doctor at the local hospital said.202
05/27/05Gunmen killed another five people Friday during a car exhibition in the nearby city of Latifiyah, police Capt. Muthana Khalid Ali said Saturday.505
05/27/05Iraqi authorities report the ambush of a police patrol in the city of Mosul. Two people were killed: a policeman and a bystander caught in the crossfire.112
05/27/05Iraqi police say a mortar attack was launched against a carpentry factory in northern Baghdad. An officer says a guard was killed and four others were wounded.101
05/27/05Ten Iraqis were killed and their bodies dumped Friday in the volatile western border city of Qaim… Ali said police have also found the bullet-riddled bodies of five Iraqis in a car on a road in the volatile Anbar province….10010
05/27/05Two civilians were killed and three wounded when clashes erupted late Friday between militants and Iraqi soldiers in Mahmoudiya, about 20 miles south of Baghdad, said Dawood Al-Taie of Mahmoudiya hospital.202
05/26/05"American forces opened fire on a minibus in the Dura district, in southern Baghdad, killing three people and wounding four others," said a defence ministry source. 303
05/26/05In Baghdad, five people, including three police officers, were killed today by a car bomb targeting an Iraqi security patrol.235
05/26/05Insurgents shot dead a senior official in Iraq's ministry of industry and minerals in an ambush in Baghdad on Thursday, police said. Thamer Ghaidan was killed in a drive-by shooting as he was shopping in a market in central Baghdad.101
05/26/05Leading member of the Islamic Dawa (propagation) Party Fakhri Al-Amri was assassinated on Thursday after militants stormed the house of his brother in Al-Qadisiya, Baghdad, where he was spending the night.101
05/26/05The U-S military says a child was killed in the northern city of Tal Afar today, caught in a clash between U-S forces and insurgents.101
05/26/05University lecturer Mussa Salum Abbas and three men travelling in his car died in a drive-by shooting in the capital's southern Al-Aalam district, the source said, adding that the other men were believed to be Abbas's bodyguards.303
05/25/05An Iraqi soldier and an insurgent were killed in an exchange of gunfire close to Balad. An Iraqi civilian was killed and seven others wounded in a suicide car bomb attack near a US convoy in Saidiyah. 112
05/25/05Gunmen shot dead army Capt. Ali Abdul-Amir as he left his house in the town of Khalis. In the city of Dahuk a roadside bomb killed a traffic policemen and wounded 10. 011
05/25/05Gunmen shot dead Col. Mukhlef Moussa of the Facility Protection Service, a U.S.-trained civilian guard force, as he walked inside the campus of Mosul University.011
05/25/05In Baghdad's southern neighborhood of Dora, a suicide car bomber blew himslef up on Wednesday but missed a U.S. military convoy that was passing in the area, police Capt. Firas Ghaiti said. The attack left one civilian dead and four wounded, he added.101
05/25/05The police chief of the northern Iraqi town of Sharqat was killed by gunmen who ambushed his car on Wednesday, police and hospital officials said. They said Mikhlif Khalaf was shot dead in the northern city of Mosul, east of Sharqat011
05/24/05A car bomb exploded Tuesday near a Baghdad junior high school for girls, killing six people, officials said, a day after 49 Iraqis died in a string of explosions, suicide attacks and drive-by shootings.606
05/24/05On Tuesday, militants sprayed Baktash's house with machine-gun fire, killing two civilians and clashing with security forces, said Col. Saleh Jamil Sultan.202
05/23/05A car bomb outside a Baghdad restaurant popular with police killed 11 people on Monday, a government spokesman said.11011
05/23/05A video posted on the Internet Tuesday shows three Arab truck drivers being shot to death...Two Iraqi drivers, reportedly seized outside the al-Asad base west of Baghdad, are shown making similar statements before all three were shot dead by a masked man.202
05/23/05Guerrillas seeking to topple Iraq's new government exploded a suicide truck bomb outside a mayor's office...The truck bomb exploded in the town of Tuz Khurmatu south of the oil city of Kirkuk, killing five people and wounding 18.505
05/23/05In a separate attack in Samarra, two Iraqi soldiers were killed and one was wounded when insurgents fired 10 mortar bombs at a joint army-police base, Army captain Salam Hadi told AFP. 022
05/23/05In Tuz Khurmatu, south of the strategic oil city of Mosul, a suicide truck bomb blast outside the mayor's office killed five Iraqis on Monday, and the same day a multiple suicide bomb attack on a U.S. base in Samarra killed four Iraqis.19019
05/23/05Major General Wael al-Rubaei and his driver were killed in central Baghdad's Mansour district as they were heading to work, police said. Mr Rubaei was the director of the national security ministry's operations room, according to a government statement.112
05/23/05On Monday, at least 19 people were killed when a car bomb exploded outside a Shi'ite mosque in Mahmoudiya south of Baghdad, local police and hospital officials said. Many of those killed and wounded were children, they said.19019
05/23/05two people were killed and two were injured in Kirkuk itself when a mortar round landed on a house, police Capt. Farhad Talabani said. 202
05/22/05A roadside bomb blast killed one Iraqi civilian and wounded another Sunday near the northern oil-rich city of Kirkuk, a police official said. The attack happened near Oyoun, a village 55 kilometers (31 miles) west of Kirkuk ...101
05/22/05Gunmen shot dead a senior official in Iraq's trade ministry as he was being driven to work in Baghdad on Sunday, police said, the latest in a series of assassinations of senior government employees.101
05/21/05In Baiji further north, six other members of the brigade were shot dead in intense fighting that broke out in the key oil refinery town's industrial zone, police said.066
05/21/05One civilian was also killed and 10 wounded when unidentified gunmen opened fire from a car in the western Baghdad district of Al-Gzalia late Saturday101
05/20/05A car bomb killed two Iraqi soldiers and wounded five people, three of them soldiers, on Friday near a military convoy in the Baghdad Shiite neighbourhood of Kadhimiya, an interior ministry official said.022
05/20/05A roadside bomb killed an Iraq civilian in Latifiyah, south of Baghdad, police Lt. Ali Obeid said.101
05/20/05a suicide bombing targeting the house of Iraqi national security adviser, Mouwafak al-Rubaie, killed two civilians and wounded three in the Baghdad neighborhood of Kazimiyah202
05/20/05In Baghdad itself, two children were killed and their mother wounded in a homemade bomb blast outside a Shiite Muslim mosque.202
05/19/05An Iraqi lawmaker said 10 of his private guards were killed here on Thursday during a 1-1/2 hour-long battle with insurgents and Apache helicopter-backed U.S. forces, who he accused of killing several of his aides.10010
05/19/05An official from Iraq's Oil Ministry was gunned down Thursday morning in western Baghdad, police said. Gunmen killed Dr. Ali Hameed about 8 a.m. (midnight EDT), police said.101
05/19/05Hamoud said al-Allaq, imam of al-Jawadain Mosque in the predominantly Shiite al-Baladiyat neighborhood of New Baghdad, was killed while driving to Kut...Gunmen fired at the cleric's car, forcing it off the road into a ditch, Hamoud said. 101
05/19/05in Baquba, to the north, two policemen were killed in a roadside bomb blast.022
05/19/05In Samarra, 60 miles north of Baghdad, gunmen assassinated policeman Omar Majeed Shakir al-Dosh and his father on Thursday, said police Lt. Qassem Mohammed.011
05/19/05In thecity of Mosul, hospital officials said two people were killed when a bomb exploded prematurely in the car they were driving on a suicide mission.202
05/19/05One Iraqi soldier was killed and another eight were wounded in a suicidal attack by a car-bomb in the Southern part of Baghdad011
05/19/05Three gunmen killed a university professor near his house in the capital on Thursday. Four more bodies were found on Thursday South of Tikrit. In the town of Baiji, four soldiers from the Iraqi army were kidnapped at dawn. 505
05/18/05A booby-trapped vehicle explosion outside a police station in north of the Iraqi capital Baghdad killed Wednesday two Iraqi policemen... the vehicle exploded outside Al-Siniyah police station near Biji in the governorate of Tikrit, north of Baghdad.022
05/18/05Drive-by shooters killed a senior member of Iraq's Interior Ministry [Brig. Gen. Ibrahim Khamas]Wednesday, continuing a campaign against the new government's administration and security infrastructure. 011
05/18/05Gunmen also shot dead a transport ministry driver, Ali Mutib Sakr, in Sadr City, a predominantly Shiite area in the eastern part of the capital, police Lt. Col Shakir Wadi said.101
05/18/05Iraqi soldiers discovered the bodies of the seven blindfolded men on the side of a road in Amiriyah, some 40 kilometres west of Baghdad, said Mohammed Al Ani, a doctor at Ramadi General Hospital.707
05/18/05Mortar attacks by insurgents in northern Mosul on Wednesday killed two Iraqis and injured eight others, including seven school children, police and hospital officials said.202
05/18/05Mosul attacks took place in the eastern part of the city...One round landed in front of a grocer's shop in the al-Masarif neighborhood and killed the owner...Another struck a car and killed its driver and injured a passenger...202
05/18/05Seven Iraqi Turkmen captured in an ambush on a security convoy near Falluja were found dead on Wednesday, shot in the head and with their hands bound, police said.707
05/17/05Gunmen killed a Shiite Muslim cleric on Tuesday while two missing Sunni clerics were found shot dead, police said. U.S. troops clashed with militants in Mosul, according to reporter on the scene.303
05/17/05Insurgents killed four Iraqi soldiers in clashes outside a power plant in a southern Iraqi town on Tuesday, army sources said.044
05/17/05Iraqi military forces found the dead bodies of three Iraqi soldiers in the town of Qa'em, in western Iraq. An Iraqi Army source told reporters that two of the soldiers were shot dead, and the third was beheaded.033
05/17/05Islamic militant group Army of Ansar al-Sunna said it shot dead two Iraqis working for a subcontractor for a unit of U.S. company Halliburton...according to an Internet video posted on Tuesday.202
05/17/05Three unknown armed men opened fire at 10am on the vehicle of Alaa al-Din Wazir al-Ubaidi, a high-ranking official with Iraq's Commission on Public Integrity. He died on the spot, but his driver escaped unharmed. 101
05/16/05A mortar crashed into Baghdad's University of Mustancarya School of Engineering on Monday, killing a security guard and wounding two female students, eyewitnesses said. 101
05/16/05A roadside bomb killed two Iraqis and wounded two other Iraqis and an American -- all security contractors working for a Western firm -- in eastern Baghdad on Monday night, Iraqi police said.202
05/16/05A suicide car bomber killed at least five people and wounded 30 at a customs checkpoint near Iraq's border with Syria on Monday, an Iraqi official said. Some of the wounded were in critical condition, he said. 505
05/16/05An aide to Iraq's top Shiite Muslim cleric was gunned down Sunday in Baghdad, police said. Sheikh Qasim al-Ghiri and a nephew died in a drive-by shooting. Al-Ghiri was a top aide to the Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani202
05/16/05an Iraqi civilian was killed and another wounded in a drive-by shooting Sunday in the northern city of Mosul, the Iraqi government said.101
05/16/05Another four Iraqi males were found dead in southeastern Baghdad's Ur neighborhood near a mosque.404
05/16/05Eight bodies were discovered in northeastern Baghdad's Al-Sha'ab area. The Iraqis' hands were tied behind their backs, and they were blindfolded and shot in the head, police said808
05/16/05In Al Muwelha, armed men attacked a preliminary school, two teachers were killed. In Sadat al Hindiya a police officer and his wife were killed by an unidentified armed group and their three children were badly wounded. 314
05/16/05Two car bombs exploded minutes apart near a southern Baghdad market on Monday, killing nine soldiers, wounding five others and causing an unspecified number of civilian casualties, a senior police official said.099
05/15/05A failed assassination attempt on the governor of Iraq's Diyala province Sunday killed five people and injured 24, a spokesman for the governor said... killing three Iraqi police officers and two Iraqi civilians, CNN reported235
05/15/05Police in Iskandariya, a town south of Baghdad, said they found 11 bodies on Sunday. Four of the corpses had been beheaded and at least three were identified as Iraqi soldiers.7411
05/15/05The corpses of 10 Iraqi soldiers killed by insurgents have also been found in the western city of Ramadi, the Defence Ministry said.01010
05/15/05Three Iraqi journalists have been assassinated in “cold-blooded and ruthless executions” on the roadside south of Baghdad reports the safety office of the International Federation of Journalists in Iraq.303
05/14/05A huge explosion rocked central Baghdad Saturday killing four Iraqi policemen and wounding 11 others...the explosion was caused by a booby-trapped car that went off when an Iraqi police patrol was driving by in Tayaran...Square in front of the ministry.044
05/14/05In another drive-by shooting, unidentified attackers killed Shiite cleric, Sheik Qassim al-Gharawi, and his nephew at about 9 a.m. in the capital's New Baghdad neighborhood, according to police Lt. Col. Ahmed Aboud.101
05/14/05In Baghdad, Jassim al-Muhammadawy, director general of administration in the Foreign Ministry, was shot outside his home. His assassination followed three attacks on police and security force targets101
05/14/05in the main northern city of Mosul, two civilians died and a policeman was hurt in a suicide bombing targeting a joint Iraqi-US patrol, police Major Mohammed Fathi said.202
05/14/05Insurgents also hurled grenades at a police convoy in western Baghdad, killing one policeman.011
05/14/05Police on Saturday found three beheaded corpses in the town of Jurf al-Sakhar, south of Baghdad, police said. Hospital officials said they had been tortured. Insurgents have shot or beheaded Iraqis they suspect of working with U.S. forces.303
05/14/05Police said three soldiers were killed in clashes in the Aamiriya district of Baghdad.033
05/14/05three civilians, believed to be street cleaners, were killed and four others wounded by a roadside bomb in Baghdad's southern district of Dura, hospital officials said. 303
05/14/05US troops shot dead eight Iraqis, including five civilians, during an attack on a patrol, the American military said.505
05/13/05In Hillah, about 60 miles south of Baghdad, mortar rounds slammed into an Iraqi army checkpoint, killing three soldiers and wounding three others, police said.033
05/13/05One policeman was shot dead and three wounded when gunmen opened fire on their patrol in western Baghdad on Friday, security officials and medics said.011
05/13/05The bodies of 13 blindfolded and bound men were found shot multiple times in the head execution style in Baghdad's Sadr City on Sunday13013
05/13/05Two Iraqi soldiers and a civilian were killed when a suicide bomber drove his car packed with explosives into a truck carrying 40 soldiers on Friday in Baquba, central Iraq, the army said123
05/12/05A car bomb exploded near a busy local market and cinema in eastern Baghdad on Thursday, killing at least 17 people and wounding 65, police said17017
05/12/05An official who works in the defence ministry's operations centre was assassinated by gunmen in southwestern Baghdad early on Thursday, an interior ministry official said.101
05/12/05Brigadier Ayad Imad Mehdi was killed when three insurgents stopped his car and shot him dead before fleeing.011
05/12/05Guerrillas also target ordinary Iraqis who cooperate with government security forces or U.S. troops. Witnesses said gunmen killed two Iraqis in the northern town of Samarra for selling bread to Iraqi soldiers.202
05/12/05Gunmen also killed an interior ministry official, Colonel Muhammad al-Taie, in a separate attack, police said.011
05/12/05Police said fishermen discovered the men's bodies in the lake near the town of Samarra..."The bodies of seven people have been brought in. They are all men killed by gunfire about a week ago," said Dr Mohammad Jaffar at the hospital in the town of Balad. 707
05/12/05Thirteen soldiers and five civilians were wounded, the security sources said, without giving a toll for the rebels. Elsewhere, four soldiers were killed in overnight fighting with rebels near Baiji, further north, the sources said. 044
05/12/05Two car bombs also went off today in the northern city of Kirkuk, killing at least two people.202
05/12/05Two policemen and a civilian were killed in clashes between Iraqi security forces and insurgents late Wednesday near Sharkat, some 35 kilometres (20 miles) north of Baghdad. 123
05/11/05In Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit, a suicide car bomber blew up his vehicle among a crowd of mainly Shi'ite migrant laborers from southern Iraq ...Police said at least 33 people were killed and 80 wounded in the attack33033
05/11/05In the town of Hawija, southwest of the strategic oil city of Kirkuk in northern Iraq, a suicide bomber walked up to an army recruitment center and detonated an explosive belt, killing at least 32 people and wounding 34, hospital sources said.32032
05/11/05Two people were killed and some 20 seriously wounded when an explosive device blew up on Wednesday at a chemical fertilizer factory in Umm Qasr south of Baghdad.202
05/10/05Two suicide car bombs exploded in central Baghdad on Tuesday, killing at least seven Iraqis, as 1,000 US forces backed by aircraft continued their large-scale offensive against insurgents in northwestern Iraq.707
05/09/05a suicide car bomb in southern Baghdad that hit a checkpoint of two police vehicles...two policemen and one civilian had been killed and six policemen and three civilians wounded123
05/09/05an Iraqi soldier was killed by a roadside bomb as a US-Iraqi convoy passed Shabab village near Dujail, 40km outside the capital, said army Captain Muayad al-Shadeedi. Four suspects were arrested011
05/09/05Lieutenant Colonel Omar Dalaf al-Qaissy, head of the defence force at Baiji oil refinery, 200km north of Baghdad, was gunned down by assailants as he left for work, police Lieutenant Colonel Hassan Salah said.011
05/09/05The bodies of eight Iraqi civilians, tortured and then executed with a bullet to the back of the neck, were found on Monday on the southern outskirts of Baghdad, the Iraqi army and medics said.808
05/09/05Three Iraqi civilians were found shot to death outside their vehicle in western Mosul. Another civilian was killed when a roadside bomb exploded near an Iraqi army patrol in the eastern part of the city.303
05/09/05Truck driver Sami Nazar Ali was killed by insurgents who attacked a United States-escorted convoy in Ishaki, 100km north of Baghdad, police said.101
05/09/05Two more people were killed when a parked car exploded at about 6.15pm local time in the crowded southern business district of Dura, the official said.202
05/08/05A child was killed and another seriously injured from a landmine explosion in Al-Muthana governorate, an eyewitness told KUNA Sunday.101
05/08/05Gunmen assassinated a senior transport ministry official in Baghdad on Sunday, police said...Zobaa Yassin was shot dead in his car along with his driver. 101
05/07/05Two suicide car bombs exploded in a central Baghdad square Saturday, killing 22 people, including two American contract workers, as Iraqi political leaders agreed on candidates for the remaining five cabinet vacancies. 20020
05/06/05A senior Iraqi army officer and his brother were killed on Friday. 'Brigadier general Mirza Hamza, head of the civil defence force in Mahmudiyah was gunned down in a drive-by shooting at about 2 pm,' said police captain Luay Jassem. 112
05/06/05At least 58 people were killed and 44 wounded yesterday when a suicide attacker exploded a car bomb near a vegetable market in a mostly Shia Muslim town south of Baghdad, hospital officials said. 58058
05/06/05In Baghdad, a resident alerted police after he saw bodies being buried. Police found the corpses of 14 men. Some of the victims, blindfolded and wearing civilian clothes and left in a garbage dump, had been shot in the head, police said on Friday.14014
05/06/05In Saddam Hussein's home town of Tikrit yesterday, a suicide bomber blew up his car beside a minibus carrying policemen, killing at least nine and wounding several others. 099
05/05/05About 15 minutes after the Al-Amil attack, a suicide car bomb exploded in the nearby Al-Gazaliya area, killing one policeman and wounding six, said Karim.011
05/05/05And a car bomb was detonated as the deputy interior minister's convoy drove past, killing one of his bodyguards and wounding six people, police said. The official was unhurt. 101
05/05/05Four Iraqi policemen were killed in a car bomb in Northern Iraq Thursday, an iraqi police source said. A booby-trapped car was detonated while an Iraqi police patrol was passing in Al-Wehda neighborhood in the northern city of Mosul. 044
05/05/05In the worst attack, gunmen opened fire on a patrol in the Al-Amil area of western Baghdad at 6:45 a.m., killing eight policemen and wounding two, said police Maj. Mousa Abdul Karim. 088
05/05/05suicide bomber strapped with explosives blew himself up at an army recruitment center at a former airfield in western Baghdad, killing at least 13 people and wounding 15. 13013
05/04/05A doctor from the Ruz Gari hospital, Arbil's largest, stepped out in front of the crowd and read the names of 39 victims -- all of them police recruits -- and added that six bodies had not yet been identified.03939
05/04/05A suicide bomber killed at least 60 people and wounded 150 more today in northern Iraq when he walked into a crowd of people outside a police recruiting office and blew himself up.21021
05/04/05A suicide car bomber attacked an Iraqi army checkpoint in Baghdad late Wednesday, killing at least nine soldiers and wounding 16, police said. The U.S. military said as many as 15 soldiers were killed. 01515
05/04/05In Dhuluiyah, another Sunni rebel stronghold north of the capital, an Iraqi army lieutenant was gunned down by attackers as he left a military base, captain Assad Saddad said. 011
05/04/05In the town of Sharqat, further north, an Iraqi soldier was killed and 10 others wounded when gunmen attacked a highway checkpoint, army captain Naji al-Juburi said011
05/04/05n the same town, the bullet-riddled bodies of two Iraqi contractors who were working with the US military and had been kidnapped two days earlier, police said. 202
05/04/05Two Iraqi civilians were killed in vehicles by US troops when they came too close to a US military convoy in Baghdad's Yarmuk district, an interior ministry official said. An Iraqi soldier was also killed by unknown gunmen in a western neighbourhood,213
05/04/05Two Iraqi civilians working with the US military and two Iraqi soldiers were killed in separate attacks in the Tikrit area north of Baghdad, an army officer said.224
05/03/05A car bomb killed a civilian and wounded four in the main northern city of Mosul, police and medics said.101
05/03/05Ahmed Subeih Weiss, a senior official at the ministry of water resources, was shot dead by gunmen in the southern Baghdad district of Dura as he went to work, an interior ministry official said.101
05/03/05An Iraqi soldier and a businessman working for the US military were killed in separate incidents in nearby Shurgat, police said.112
05/03/05At least 14 civilians were killed when U.S. forces and Iraqi National Guardsmen battled insurgents in the city of Ramadi on Tuesday, a hospital official said.14014
05/03/05In Ramadi, US and Iraqi forces killed 12 insurgents during a firefight at a road checkpoint, the US military said. Two civilians and an Iraqis soldier were also killed, and two US and two Iraqi soldiers wounded. 213
05/03/05Three policemen were shot dead in separate attacks in the insurgent stronghold of Samarra, 125 kilometres (80 miles) north of Baghdad, police major Naef Hamid said.033
05/03/05Two Iraqi policemen were killed and three people wounded in a suicide car bombing on Tuesday in Baghdad. The suicide car bomber blew himself up in the Gazalia district, just as a patrolling police car was passing by.022
05/02/05A car bomb exploded in an upscale shopping district of Baghdad on Monday, killing at least six Iraqis and setting fire to an apartment building606
05/02/05A suicide bomber exploded a truck at an Iraqi checkpoint near Youssifiyah, 12 miles south of Baghdad, killing eight soldiers and wounding 20, said Iraqi army Capt. Qassem Sharif.088
05/02/05A suicide car bomb and an improvised explosive devise went of in ...in the Mosul area. The coordinated attack killed at least two Iraqis and wounded 15, the U.S. military said. Hospital officials, however, said four Iraqis were killed and seven injured.224
05/02/05In eastern Baghdad, a car bomb exploded near a passport office, killing three Iraqis, including two policemen, and wounding six, said police Lt. Col. Hassan Chalob said.123
05/02/05In northern Iraq, four people were killed and seven injured when a car bomb exploded near a U.S. military convoy east of Yarmuk, said Dr. Baha al-Din al-Batri at al-Jamhuri Hospital in nearby Mosul.426
05/01/05A suicide bomber attacked the headquarters of a Kurdish party in north Iraq Sunday, killing around 25 people, Arabic satellite television Al Arabiya reported25025
05/01/05A Sunday explosion near a U.S. military patrol in Baghdad killed one civilian and injured two others, although no U.S. troops were injured.101
05/01/05At least five Iraqis were killed and 12 wounded in the attacks in Mosul, 225 miles northwest of Baghdad, the U.S. military said. Two U.S. soldiers also were injured.505
05/01/05Gunmen killed five Iraqi policemen at a checkpoint in Baghdad on Sunday and the attack was followed by a bomb blast in the area, police said.055

This is not a complete list, nor can we verify these totals. This is simply a compilation of deaths reported by news agencies. Actual totals for Iraqi deaths are much higher than the numbers recorded on this site.

Deaths Since April 28, 2005
(Shiite-led government announced):

Police/Mil: 8321
Civilians: 50253
Total: 58574

Deaths Since February 22, 2006
(Al Askari Mosque bombing):

Police/Mil: 6023
Civilians: 44145
Total: 50168

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