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Total Prior to 2005

09/30/05A car bomb exploded in the middle of a crowded market in the southern Iraqi town of Hilla today, killing at least 11 people and wounding 30 others.11011
09/30/05Elsewhere, in the southern city of Basra, an Iraqi police convoy was ambushed late yesterday, killing four policemen and wounding one other. 044
09/30/05Gunmen attacked a motorcade carrying Housing and Reconstruction Ministry officials in the northern city of Kirkuk, 250 km (150 miles) north of Baghdad. Police said a guard was killed.011
09/30/05In the mainly Shi'ite town of Balad, north of Baghdad, the death toll from three huge car bombs on Thursday rose to 98 on Friday, hospital director Kassim Aboud said. (+13 from previous recorded number of 85)13013
09/30/05Two high-ranking police officials from the town of Balad were shot dead Thursday in a drive-by shooting in Jami'a neighborhood of western Baghdad, police said.022
09/29/05At least 85 people have been killed in three apparently coordinated car bomb attacks in the town of Balad. Dr. Khaled al-Azawi of Balad Hospital said the dead included the town's police chief, Col. Kadhim Abdul Razzaq, and four other policemen.80585
09/29/05Elsewhere in the capital, two civilians and four police officers were killed in drive-by shootings, and a 12-year-old living in a homeless shelter died when a mortar exploded nearby, police said.246
09/29/05Gunfire on an Iraqi police patrol in the al-Jihad neighborhood in western Baghdad killed two police officers and wounded three others. 022
09/29/05KHALIS - A policeman and his brother were killed by gunmen in Khalis, police said.112
09/29/05The head of the city council was assassinated in this town, 70 km (45 miles) north of Baghdad, by gunmen. Police said two people with him were also wounded in the incident.101
09/29/05Two people were killed in the early morning attack on the bakery, in the mixed southern Dura district. And two were killed in the drive-by shooting of the minibus which carried employees of Al Shaab stadium in the east of the city. 404
09/28/05A bomb exploded outside the house of a bodyguard of Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr in the southern Iraqi city of Najaf on Wednesday, killing at least six people, said an aide to Sadr. The blast also wounded eight people. 606
09/28/05A female suicide bomber blew herself up outside an army recruitment centre in the northern Iraqi town of Tal Afar on Wednesday, killing at least seven (army recruits) and wounding 37, police said.077
09/28/05An Iraqi civilian was killed, and 15 others were wounded on Wednesday when a driven car bomb blew up nearby a security checkpoint in Baquba, said Iraqi Interior Ministry. 101
09/28/05Men wearing commando uniforms detained six people on Tuesday in the northwestern Huriya district of the capital. They were found shot dead in Baghdad's morgue, police said.606
09/28/05One policeman was killed by gunmen in northeastern Baghdad when he was heading to work, police said.011
09/28/05Seven bodies of people who had been shot dead were found in Taji, 20 km north of Baghdad. Police said they were bound and blindfolded.707
09/27/05A roadside bomb on a police patrol killed an Iraqi civilian and injured two policemen in Kirkuk. 101
09/27/05A suicide bomber attacked a group of Iraqis applying for jobs as policemen Tuesday, killing nine and wounding 21, a police officer said. The blast occurred in Baqouba, 30 miles north of Baghdad... 909
09/27/05An Iraqi policeman was killed and three others were injured Tuesday during an armed attack in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. Unidentified gunmen opened fire on a police patrol on a highway near the green zone. 011
09/27/05Iraqi police found the bodies of three Iraqis, bound and blindfolded, with gunshot wounds near the volatile town of Latifiya, just south of Baghdad, police said. The identity of the victims was not immediately clear.303
09/27/05KIRKUK - Insurgents assassinated police Major Fakhir Jalal Amin in central Kirkuk. Amin worked for the city's counter- insurgency centre, police Colonel Sarhat Qadir said.011
09/27/05The bodies of 22 men, shot dead and partially eaten by dogs, were found Tuesday in open countryside in eastern Iraq near the Iranian border, an interior ministry official said. 22022
09/26/05A local official was killed by gunmen who shot him in the Hashimiya district of western Baquba, 65 km (40 miles) north of Baghdad. A police source said Ra'ad Hussein was in his shop when he was attacked.101
09/26/05A suicide car bomber attacked a police checkpoint guarding several government ministries on Monday morning, killing at least six people and wounding 13, police said.066
09/26/05At least 10 people were killed and 30 wounded when a suicide bomber rammed his car into a bus carrying employees of Iraq's oil ministry near a police academy, police and witnesses said.10010
09/26/05Gunmen killed five Shi'ite primary school teachers and a driver in a school in Iskandariya, south of Baghdad on Monday, a spokesman for Babel police said.505
09/25/05A bomb concealed in a bicycle exploded in a market south of Baghdad, killing at least six people, the second such attack Sunday in the same province, police said.606
09/25/05A suicide car bomber attacked an elite Iraqi police unit in Baghdad, killing 13 commandos in the worst of several outbursts of violence to hit the country on Sunday01313
09/25/05BAGHDAD - A dairy shop owner was killed by gunmen on his way to a mosque in western Baghdad, police said. It was not clear why the man had been targeted.101
09/25/05BAGHDAD - Gunmen stole $850,000 in cash on Sunday after holding up a convoy of armoured vehicles from the Iraqi Finance Ministry in Baghdad and killing two guards and wounding nine, police said.022
09/25/05BAGHDAD - The bodies of four Iraqis were found blindfolded and bound in the impoverished Baghdad district of Shula. Police said the victims were each shot with one bullet to the head.404
09/25/05Later the same day, six civilians were killed and 19 others wounded as a car bomb exploded in the town of Musayyib, 55km south of Baghdad, local police said.606
09/25/05MOSUL - A roadside bomb killed one policeman and wounded three others in Mosul, 390 km (240 miles) north of Baghdad.011
09/24/05KERBALA - Police said U.S. troops opened fire on a passenger car in Kerbala, 110 km (68 miles) south of Baghdad, killing a family of four.404
09/24/05MUSAYYIB - One child was killed and two policemen and two civilians were wounded on Friday when a car driven by a suicide bomber exploded near a checkpoint in the town of Musayyib, south of Baghdad, police said.101
09/24/05On Saturday morning, a suicide car bomber driving at high speed exploded his vehicle near an Iraqi army checkpoint in downtown Baghdad, killing three soldiers and an Iraqi civilian, police said.134
09/24/05SINJAR - Two soldiers were killed and two policemen were wounded on Friday when a suicide car bomb exploded near a joint and police Iraqi checkpoint in Sinjar, 170 northeast Mosul, police said.022
09/23/05*BAGHDAD - Gunmen killed an official in Ministry of Interior in the capital's Mansur district.101
09/23/05A suicide bomber driving a minivan with passengers aboard blew himself up near a bus depot in the center of the capital on Friday, killing seven people and wounding at least 20, police said. Separately, three American soldiers also were killed.707
09/23/05An Iraqi civilian was killed and six others were wounded on Friday in a roadside bomb explosion that targeted a number of workers in the village of Al-Latifiyah in the southern Babylon province. 101
09/23/05BAGHDAD - An official in the Ministry of Interior was killed along with his brother by gunmen in the western Doura district of the capital and a third brother was wounded, police said.202
09/23/05LATIFIYA - One official in the railway directorate was killed and six were wounded by a bomb planted beside the railway in the town of Latifiya, 40 km (25 miles) southwest of Baghdad, police said.101
09/23/05MOSUL - One policeman was killed on Thursday by gunmen in Mosul, a police source said.011
09/23/05MOSUL - Six bodies of people who were shot dead were found on Thursday and Friday in different areas of Mosul, a medical source said.606
09/23/05One Iraqi soldier was killed and four were injured in when a booby-trapped car, driven by a suicide assailant, went off near a checkpoint in southern Baghdad Friday. 011
09/23/05Three officials in the Turkmen Front were killed and one wounded on Thursday by gunmen in Mosul, 390 km (240 miles) north of Baghdad. An official in the group said they were attacked while leaving their office.303
09/22/05Also, two policemen patrolling northeast Baghdad were killed in a separate drive-by shooting, police Col. Ahmed al-Alawi said.022
09/22/05Another Iraqi police officer was killed in Samarra and five others were injured, including three policemen during a mortar attack against the police station in the city.011
09/22/05Four people were killed and another two wounded when gunmen attacked their car in al-Qanat street, in eastern Baghdad. Police said all six were employees for Iraq's Displacement Migration Ministry.404
09/22/05LATIFIYA - Police said they found the body of a civilian man with his head crushed and tyre marks on his face in the town of Latifiya, south of Baghdad.101
09/22/05Local police colonel Fadhel Mohammed Jawad and his driver were killed by gunmen while driving to work near an intersection in Baquba, 65 km (40 miles) north of Baghdad, a police source said.011
09/22/05Medical sources said that one civilian was killed and another three wounded during heavy clashes between insurgents and security forces in the town of Ramadi, 110 km (68 miles) west of Baghdad.101
09/22/05Three Iraqi police officers were killed this morning and one was injured during an armed attack carried out by unidentified armed men in Zayouna area. 033
09/22/05Three members of a family were killed and a woman was wounded when gunmen in police uniforms raided their house in the eastern New Baghdad...A police source said the gunmen escaped in police cars after kidnapping another member of the family.303
09/21/05Five Iraqi civilians died in clashes surrounding the controversial operation to free two British SAS men captured in Basra, it was claimed today. 505
09/21/05In the five-hour firefight troops killed five insurgents and detained one, Jalil Kalaf, the area's military commander said. Two policemen and one soldier were killed and eight wounded.033
09/21/05Iraqi police discovered 19 bodies of Iraqi border guards in an area to the west of Balad on Wednesday, police and medical sources said. "All the 19 bodies were shot dead in the head and were blindfolded and their hands tied to their backs,"01919
09/21/05On Wednesday, gunmen in Mosul shot to death Ahlam Youssef, an engineer who works for al-Iraqiya television, and her husband, said Bassem al-Fadli, a manager at the station's headquarters in Baghdad. Their child...was seriously wounded202
09/21/05Police said a U.S patrol was struck by a roadside bomb in the A'amil district, southern Baghdad. One civilian was killed and another was wounded by random shootings. There was no immediate comment from the U.S forces.101
09/21/05The U.S. military said in a statement on Wednesday that in a raid on a suspected insurgent safe house in Mosul on Tuesday, U.S. troops killed a child and wounded another while killing seven suspected insurgents.101
09/21/05Three bodies were found bound and blindfolded in the town of Iskandariya, 50 km south west of Baghdad. Police said they were shot dead three days ago.303
09/21/05Two bodies were found in the Shula district of northwestern Baghdad. They were bound and shot dead and there were signs of torture on their bodies, police said.202
09/21/05Two policemen were killed and three wounded when they were attacked by gunmen in the Shula district in northwestern Baghdad, police said.022
09/19/05An Iraqi working as a reporter for the New York Times was found dead in the southern city of Basra on Monday after being kidnapped by masked men, family members and a doctor said.101
09/19/05Iraqi police say a suicide car bomber struck a joint U-S-Iraqi patrol (near Taji) north of Baghdad last night, killing 14 Iraqi soldiers.01414
09/19/05Two car bombs killed eight people travelling on Monday on the road from Baghdad to ...Kerbala...Police said the bombs struck in the towns of Mahmoudiya and Latifiya, killing one civilian and seven police. Two police were also wounded.178
09/19/05two policemen were killed when a bomb targeted a vehicle for the north oil pipeline protection forces.022
09/18/05BAQUBA - One civilian was killed and four wounded when gunmen attacked a food ration shop in western Baquba, police said.101
09/18/05DUJAIL - A member of Iraq's parliament was killed along with three bodyguards, and another member was wounded, on Saturday night near the town of Dujail, north of Baghdad, as he was travelling to Baghdad, the National Assembly spokesman said.404
09/18/05insurgents tossed hand grenades an opened fire against a group of people killing two civilians in Baquba, northeast of here.202
09/18/05KHALIDIYA - Four bodies were found in Khalidiya, 85 km west of Baghdad. Police said they were blindfolded and shot dead. Two of the bodies were wearing army uniforms.224
09/18/05KIRKUK - At least three Iraqi soldiers were killed and three wounded when a roadside bomb exploded near their patrol in Kirkuk, 250 km (150 miles) north of Baghdad, hospital sources said.033
09/18/05two dozen more bodies Sunday, men shot to death in the apparent ongoing tit-for-tat killings between Sunni and Shiite death squads. Four of the dead were found handcuffed and shot in east Baghdad. Twenty more were dragged from the Tigris River near Balad24024
09/17/05BAGHDAD - Four bodies were found bound and blindfolded in the western Ghazaliya district of Baghdad. Police said they were shot in the head and chest.404
09/17/05BAGHDAD - The bodies of two people who were shot in the head and chest were found in the western Jamia'a district of Baghdad shot, police said.202
09/17/05BAGHDAD - Three bodies were found bound in the eastern New Baghdad district. Police said they were shot in the head and chest.303
09/17/05BAQUBA - One civilian was killed and 17 people, including three Iraqi soldiers, were wounded when a car driven by a suicide bomber exploded near an Iraqi army patrol in Baquba, police said.101
09/17/05The death toll from a car bomb exploding in a market in the town of Nahrwan, 45 km (30 miles) east of Baghdad, rose to 30, with another 38 injured, police said on Saturday. 30030
09/16/0511 people were killed and 24 wounded when a bomber blew himself up outside the Great Prophet mosque as worshippers were emerging from prayers on the Muslim holy day, doctor Mohammed al-Qaisi at the town's hospital said.11011
09/16/05A Shiite imam, Sheikh Fadhil al-Lami, was killed around 8:30 a.m. (12:30 a.m. ET) when gunmen opened fire on his car on the Qanant highway in the east of the capital. Al-Lami was the imam of a mosque in the Sadr City district of Baghdad.101
09/16/05Four Iraqi soldiers were killed when a roadside bomb struck their vehicle in the town of Khalidiya, west of Baghdad, policeman Mohammed Abbass said.044
09/16/05Gunmen shot dead two labourers and a government official in drive-by shootings in Baghdad on Friday...the same gunmen opened fire on a vehicle carrying officials from the transport ministry, killing one and wounding another303
09/16/05HASSWA - Three policemen were killed and another six wounded when a car bomb exploded near their patrol in the town of Hasswa, south of Baghdad, a police source said.033
09/16/05ISKANDARIYA - Police said town official Amer Mohammed al-Khafaji and four of his guards were killed and another two injured on Thursday night when gunmen in military uniforms raided his house in the town of Iskandariya, south of Baghdad.505
09/16/05Late on Friday, Baghdad emergency police said a home-made bomb went off at 6 p.m. in southern Baghdad, killing one Iraqi police commando and one civilian. Three commandos and two civilians were wounded011
09/15/05* HILLA - Sheikh Mehdi al-Attar, a senior official in the Shi'ite Dawa Party, was killed when gunmen attacked his vehicle near Hilla, 100 km (62 miles) south of Baghdad. A police source said three others were also killed in the attack.404
09/15/05A bus carrying Ministry of Trade employees was hit by a roadside bomb in eastern Baghdad, leaving one person killed and 16 wounded.101
09/15/05A gunfight between insurgents and paramilitary police broke out in the capital's southern neighborhood of Saydiya. One policeman was killed and another wounded, a spokesman said011
09/15/05A police major was shot to death in Samarra, north of Baghdad, after being abducted by masked gunmen. 011
09/15/05BAGHDAD - A suicide bomber killed 15 police commandos and wounded 21 others in the Dora district of Baghdad, police said.01515
09/15/05BAGHDAD - At least nine policemen were killed and 17 wounded when two cars driven by suicide attackers struck their patrol in the Doura district in Baghdad.099
09/15/05BAGHDAD - Three Shi'ite pilgrims heading to the southern city of Kerbala for a religious event were killed by gunmen in northern Baghdad, police said.303
09/15/05BAQUBA - One policeman was killed when gunmen attacked an elite police unit in Baquba, north of Baghdad, police said.011
09/15/05In northern Baghdad, police said they found the body of a policeman who had been handcuffed and shot in the head. 011
09/15/05KIRKUK - Two policemen were killed and four were injured when a roadside bomb struck their patrol in Kirkuk, 250 km (150 miles) north of Baghdad, police said.022
09/15/05LATIFIYA - A Shi'ite sheikh was found dead in Latifiya, a small town to the south of Baghdad. He was kidnapped by gunmen two days ago, one of his relatives said.101
09/15/05MOSUL - The preacher at a Shi'ite mosque was killed and three civilians were wounded when a bomb left at the front door of the mosque exploded in Mosul, 390 km (240 miles) north of Baghdad, eyewitnesses said.101
09/15/05The bodies of three people shot dead were found in the Shula district of Baghdad. Three more bodies were found in the New Baghdad district. Police said they were also shot dead.606
09/14/05A mortar shell landed on a civilian vehicle in eastern Baghdad, killing the driver, police said. 101
09/14/05A suicide bomber lured a crowd of Shi'ite day labourers to his minivan and blew it up in Baghdad on Wednesday, killing 114 people and wounding more than 156 in Iraq's second deadliest bombing since the war began.1140114
09/14/05BAGHDAD - 11 civilians were killed and 14 wounded when a suicide bomber in a car blew himself up in the Huriya district, northwestern Baghdad. The victims were gathering to refill gas canisters, police said.11011
09/14/05BAGHDAD - Five people were killed and 24 wounded in a suicide car bomb in the Shula district of Baghdad, police said. The blast went off outside the offices of a Shi'ite cleric505
09/14/05Gunmen also dragged 17 people from their homes and killed them in Taji, a northern suburb.17017
09/14/05Three Iraqi soldiers and three civilians were killed when a car bomb targeted their patrol in the Adel district of western Baghdad, police said.336
09/14/05Two guards were killed and three officials in the interior ministry were wounded when gunmen attacked their convoy in the Waziriya district, northern baghdad... a suicide bomber driving a car blew himself up near them, wounding four policemen022
09/14/05Two policemen were killed and one wounded when a car bomb exploded targeting Iraqi police patrol in the Aadamiya district, northern Baghdad, police said.022
09/13/05Gunmen shot and killed two Sunni clerics in Baqouba, a town 35 miles northeast of Baghdad. 202
09/13/05Police found the body of a former judge in Baghdad's eastern neighborhood of Sadr City. A note left next to it said: "This is the destiny of those who support Saddam." 101
09/13/05The bodies of three Iraqi civilians shot dead by insurgents were found by Iraqi police on the highway just north of the town of Falluja, police said.303
09/13/05Two truck drivers delivering concrete blast walls from a factory in Iraqi Kurdistan were ambushed and killed in Baghdad. The blast walls are used throughout Baghdad to secure potential targets from suicide bombers. 202
09/12/05A car bomb blew up outside a popular restaurant filled with diners killing five civilians and injuring 10 in Baghdad's upscale district of Mansour on Monday night, police and hospital officials said.505
09/12/05A senior judge from the northern Iraqi town of al-Dawr was assassinated with his brother by gunmen in the nearby town of Is'haqi on Sunday, police said.101
09/12/05An Iraqi contractor working for the U.S. military was found dead 75 km (47 miles) south of Baghdad. Police said he had been blindfolded and handcuffed.101
09/12/05At least six Iraqi soldiers were killed or wounded by a roadside bomb that hit their convoy in Falluja, 50 km (32 miles) west of Baghdad, a police source said.066
09/12/05Seven unidentified bodies were found in the town of Rustumiya, southeast of Baghdad. Their hands were tied and they had been shot in the head. Iraqi police found the bodies of two Iraqis in the Tigris river running through the town of Balad707
09/12/05Two moderate Sunni leaders were killed in the Iraqi town of Basra on Monday, AFP announced. According to statements of eyewitnesses sheikh Hashim Kashali was killed while standing and sheikh Mahmoud Gazawi was wounded and later died.202
09/12/05Two policemen were killed and three civilians wounded by gunmen in the downtown Wasiti district of Kirkuk. Police Lieutenant Colonel Yadikar Mohammed said the dead, a father and his son, were in charge of guarding the city governor's office.022
09/11/05BAGHDAD - Major General Adnan Abdul Rahman of the Interior Ministry's paramilitary forces was shot dead outside his house by gunmen in Baghdad, a ministry spokesman said. 011
09/11/05QAIM - The bodies of four Iraqis including one in an army uniform were found shot dead with their hands bound in the town of Qa'im, an insurgent stronghold near the Syrian border, police said. 314
09/10/05BAQUBA - Four Iraqi civilians were killed and four others wounded when gunmen opened fire on their cars as they left a U.S. base near the Iraqi town of Baquba, police said.404
09/10/05Four men who worked in a multi-national forces base northwest of Baquba, 60 kilometers (35 miles) north of Baghdad, were shot dead as they travelled to work, police said Saturday. Three others were wounded.044
09/10/05In a separate attack, gunmen shot and killed the mayor of Baquba's al-Yarmouk neighbourhood.101
09/10/05In the northern oil hub of Kirkuk, an off-duty policeman was killed and another seriously wounded as they came under fire in the centre of the town, police said.011
09/10/05LATIFIYA - One civilian was killed and 23 wounded when gunmen dressed as Iraqi soldiers fired on a crowd in the town of Latifiya, south of Baghdad, police said. 101
09/09/05"A suspected suicide bomber blew up an explosive-laden vehicle near a US military convoy on the highway in Doura district, killing an Iraqi woman and wounding three civilians," an Interior Ministry source told Xinhua. 101
09/09/05AL-MASHROU - A car bomb killed four and injured 11 on Friday evening when it blew up outside a police station in a small town south of the capital, local police said.404
09/09/05BAGHDAD - One civilian was killed and two wounded when a car bomb exploded targeting a U.S. military patrol in southern Baghdad, police said.101
09/09/05BAGHDAD - One policeman was killed and five wounded when unknown gunmen fired on their patrol in western Baghdad, police said.011
09/09/05BAGHDAD - Three policemen and one civilian were killed in a roadside bombing in Saydeyah district in Baghdad which wounded 9 other policemen, police sai.033
09/09/05Bombs were set off near a Shiite mosque in south Baghdad, inflicting serious damage to the structure and injuring the mosque`s guard...It said Iraqi police also discovered six unidentified bodies in a deserted area southeast of Baghdad.606
09/09/05In Baquba, 60km northeast of Baghdad, two more policemen were killed when they came under fire in the centre of the town, local police said. An Iraqi soldier was also wounded by gunshots in a market in Baquba. 033
09/09/05SAMARRA - Two Iraqi soldiers were killed and four injured when a bomb exploded inside a home that was raided in the Iraqi city of Samarra on Friday night.022
09/09/05Two policemen, including an officer, were killed as they came under fire in the Jamiaa neighbourhood of west Baghdad, an interior ministry official said, adding that four others were wounded in the attack.022
09/08/05Iraqi police found the bodies of 16 more civilians south of Baghdad. All had been shot to death. Fourteen were found today near a farming town. Two more were found blindfolded and handcuffed near a sewage plant.16016
09/08/05Police said one Iraqi lawyer was killed late on Wednesday after being abducted by people dressed in military uniforms and travelling in civilian cars, in Tikrit, 175 km (110 miles) north of Baghdad.101
09/08/05Two Iraqi civilians were killed and five others, including two mutlinational forces troops, were injured in two separate booby-trapped car blasts in Baghdad on Thursday.202
09/08/05Two Iraqi soldiers guarding oil industry assets were killed and another nine wounded by a roadside bomb in al-Jazeera area, west of Tikrit, a police source said. 022
09/07/05"Unknown armed men opened fire from their BMW car at Hadi Hassan Umran, the director of the information department in the Defense Ministry, and his driver, as he was leaving his home in Doura district early in the morning," 202
09/07/05A car bomb detonated Wednesday in southern Baghdad, killing three civilians and wounding another, an Interior Ministry source told Xinhua. The attack took place on the highway near Doura oil refinery in southern Baghdad.303
09/07/05A suicide bomber blew up his explosives-laden car outside a takeout restaurant in a market in this southern Iraqi city Wednesday night, killing at least 15 people and wounding 10, police said. 15015
09/07/05BAGHDAD - An official in the Defence Ministry's media office was shot dead by gunmen in the Doura neighbourhood of Baghdad, the ministry said.101
09/07/05In another attack in the capital, militants attacked an Interior Ministry commando patrol, killing a colonel and wounding four bodyguards. Along the Iranian border, rebels bombed an oil pipeline.011
09/07/05Insurgents killed four Iraqi soldiers and two civilians and injured seven others when they attacked an Iraqi army checkpoint in the town of Khalis246
09/07/05One protester killed and 16 wounded in riots over failure to supply electricity and water, Dr Omar Aziz of Kalar's general hospital said. 101
09/07/05Police found the bullet-riddled bodies of three men near a water purification plant in the Rustumiye section of southeastern Baghdad. Police said the bodies were dumped without identification. 303
09/06/05Aljazeera learned from medical sources at Tal Afar hospital on Tuesday that the bodies of seven Iraqis together with 13 injured people had been brought to the facility during the past 72 hours. 707
09/06/05An Iraqi army officer was shot dead by an unknown gunman while returning home from work on Monday in Dhuluiya. The U.S. military said it killed two foreign fighters and detained three others in a raid on a house near Karabila. One soldier was wounded.011
09/06/05Insurgents opened fire late Monday on Mohammed Ramadan and Mahrous Sadiq of the Peshmurga militia, which is affiliated to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan party led by Iraqi President Jalal Talabani. The men were killed instantly.202
09/06/05The blast was followed by clashes between the Iraqi soldiers and unknown gumnen near Fallujah. The attack killed four soldiers and three civilians, as well as wounding five soldiers, and the US forces cordoned off the area and arrested 13 suspects.347
09/05/05in the western town of Hit, a suicide bomber in a car killed eight civilians and three Iraqi soldiers, the Iraqi government said in a statement. It added that 16 soldiers were wounded and three insurgents killed.8311
09/05/05Police said a mortar bomb fell on a residential area of the town of Khalis, north of Baghdad, killing one civilian and wounding four.101
09/05/05Two policemen were killed and another five wounded when up to 30 gunmen in 10 cars opened fire on Iraq's Interior Ministry at around 6.15 a.m. (0215 GMT), police and Interior Ministry sources said.022
09/04/05An Iraqi army lieutenant was shot dead by gunmen in central Kirkuk, 250 km (150 miles) north of Baghdad, on Saturday, police said. His wife was badly wounded.011
09/04/05Muslim Clerics Association said it discovered the bodies of two Sunni clerics and three other men in a morgue in Baghdad, three days after being arrested by interior ministry troops202
09/03/05Eight policemen died in a pair of shootouts in Baqouba, 35 miles northeast of Baghdad, officials said. Six policemen and two soldiers were killed in Buhriz, a suburb of Baqouba, officials said. 01616
09/03/05Four civilians were killed and 11 others wounded on Saturday when militants fired four mortar rounds on a residential area in Samarra city, north of Baghdad, police said. 404
09/03/05Police found three unidentified corpses in the Tigris River north of Baghdad, possible victims of insurgent or sectarian violence. 303
09/03/05Three Iraqi soldiers also died Saturday when their convoy was attacked by gunmen near Adhaim, 30 miles north of Baqouba, police said. 033
09/03/05Two men were killed and one was wounded in a drive-by shooting at a Sunni mosque in north Baghdad. 202
09/02/05A police source said one policeman was killed and another wounded when their car was struck by a roadside bomb on a highway to Mahaweel, 85 km (21 miles) south of Baghdad.011
09/02/05Five Iraqi soldiers were killed and nine others wounded Friday morning when a roadside bomb hit their vehicle in the northern Iraqi town Baiji, a security source told Xinhua.055
09/02/05Gunmen opened fire on Sunni Muslim worshippers at Friday prayers in two mosques south of Baghdad, killing two people and injuring four, police said.202
09/02/05Two separate blasts in a Sunni neighbourhood led to two deaths and Sunni residents said they had been subjected to sniper fire and petrol bomb attacks.202
09/01/05A young girl has died in Baghdad in a gun battle between Sunnis and Shias near the scene of Wednesday's stampede in which nearly 1,000 pilgrims died. The incident happened on Thursday night...101
09/01/05Two policemen were killed and two wounded when gunmen ambushed their patrol on its way back to Baquba from Khan Bani Sa'ad, 25km (15 miles) to the south, a police source said.022

This is not a complete list, nor can we verify these totals. This is simply a compilation of deaths reported by news agencies. Actual totals for Iraqi deaths are much higher than the numbers recorded on this site.

Deaths Since April 28, 2005
(Shiite-led government announced):

Police/Mil: 8321
Civilians: 50253
Total: 58574

Deaths Since February 22, 2006
(Al Askari Mosque bombing):

Police/Mil: 6023
Civilians: 44145
Total: 50168

For a detail list of Iraqi Deaths please see
The Iraqi Body Count
For a detail Report on mortality before and after the 2003 invasion of Iraq see
The Lancet Study (PDF)