Operation Iraqi Freedom

Iraq Coalition Casualties: Military Deaths by Country

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Nationality: DK
DateNameRankAgeUnitBranchStateCityCausePlace of DeathDied In
5-14-2007Nøbbe, HenrikKonstabel20Jydske DragonregimentDanish ArmyNot reported yetÅrhusHostile - hostile fire - IED attackBasraIraq
10-06-2006Hjorth, MartinKonstabel20Jydske DragonregimentDanish ArmyNot reported yetNot reported yetHostile - hostile fireBasraIraq
9-23-2006Wadim, KimLance Corporal36Flyvevåbnets Combat Support WingDanish ArmyDenmarkViborgHostile - hostile fire - IED attackBasra (south of)Iraq
6-06-2006Hansens, Dennis OvePrivate 1st Class23Not reported yetDanish ArmyNot reported yetNot reported yetNon-hostile - vehicle accidentCamp DannevangIraq
3-23-2006Nielsen, JesperPrivate20The Royal Life Guards REGDanish ArmyDenmarkJutlandHostile - hostile fire - IED attackBasra (near)Iraq
10-01-2005Kirkmand, Bjarke Olsen1st Lieutenant21Jutland Dragoon REGDanish ArmyDenmarkHundslund, E. JutlandHostile - hostile fire - IED attackBasra (near)Iraq
8-17-2003Pedersen, PrebenOvercorporal 1st Class34Jutland Dragoon REGDanish ArmyDenmarkVraHostile - friendly fireAl MadinahIraq